How to access exhentai

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Click to Create. to FJ. Click to. Log in with Gmail. Adjust content blocking Content Blocking. Listen up, bitches. The answer is simple. Exhentai has everything and by that I mean, everythingyou can easily download galleries and it has the most robust tag and search system out there. Ok, so first off, you'll need a few things. At least half a brain 2. A modern web browser 3.

A cookie manager add-on unless you want to get all of your cookies wiped completely like a moron. Open your cookies manager and filter by hentai. You might get a couple more garbage cookies but the only one we care about is this one. Delete the cookie without hesitation. As long as the cookie is in your system, you will always get sadpanda, no matter what. They also have g. Everything on g. Exhentai has no limits on content, unlike g. It has everything. Exhentai sounds cooler 4. It has better color scheme Now why is that important? To access exhentai, you need to have an at e-hentai.

So go right ahead and register right now. I'm going to take a small gamble and assume you didn't forget to prepare at least half a brain and are able to register without having a step-by-step process. Once that's done, go ahead and log right in. It should look like this, only with your username instead of the big bright red arrow it's not pointing anywhere, just a lazy censor. And you're done. You can go on exhentai.

If you still get sadpanda, you probably didn't delete the cookie when I told you to or you forgot your brain at home so go double check you followed the guide correctly. Now let me show you how to search for all the porn you need. Click on the bright category buttons and they will darken.

That means said category is excluded from your search so you can filter that way.

Then you type whatever you need into the search box, use advanced options if you're feeling fancy and go search. But wait, what exactly to search? You need to to view this link Searching You need to to view this link Tagging You need to to view this link These three s are all you'll ever need for your hentai needs ever again. Don't want to read through all that?

OK, here's a quick version for your lazy asses. You need to to view this link First off, let's find some nice fetish we want. Let's go with futa, FunnyJunk's favorite.

Click on the tag to get a description of it and how to use it. The system will know what you want to search for. There's a few hits. Once we open a work, we can see the tag listing. Dashed section means low votes on the tag, so you know the presence of such is dubious. Click on a tag and you can vote it up or down but more importantly, search galleries with same tag.

On the right, you can easily download the gallery with a single click. You have 3 options even. The simplest option is if a gallery has a torrent. Last option is archive download, which will cost you some gallery points, depending on the gallery size.

There is, but it doesn't need to cost you a single cent IRL. You need to to view this link You can get gallery points by ing galleries, running Hentai home like Folding home, only for hentai galleriesmaking and ing a torrent for existing gallery or a couple of other options.

You need to to view this link. Don't worry, I'm almost finish just 2 last points to let you fully experience the power of exhentai. You may be browsing a gallery with a certain theme or from some artists and you find a picture out of context and want to know where it comes from. Well, scroll down and click on that little link on the left. Yeah, the one that says "Show all galleries with this file. And last but not least, here's how to get reverse image search, when you need to find sauce for a picture, works great for doujin s, unlike SauceNao or IQDB which is good for single pictures.

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How to access exhentai

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