House party game not censored

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Valve have returned House Party to the Steam Store after removing it last week for its sexual content. I never thought it was about the game content.

Eek Games have always maintained House Party is a parody. The game can only be judged on what it itself contains. Except, this line of reasoning begs a question: how many people are playing House Party by just walking around the house talking to people and not following any of the quests to conclusion? The game, though shocking at times, is just meant to be absurd and humorous, and in no way shape or form would anybody mistake any of these scenarios as anything but fiction with the sole purpose to entertain. It turned out there was a simple fix Valve required for the game to be on sale.

It was put in at the request of many [YouTubers] who wanted to play the game, but complained about the editing process afterwards, and suggested I add a built-in censor. However, after the update that made this change to the Steam version of House Party, allowing the game back onto the store, the developer released a patch on their website that removes the censor bar — a workaround a lot of the adult games on Steam employ.

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Updated: Aug 1, If you're here to shoot the sheriff, that's Ben Maxwell. Please go ahead.

Don't shoot Julian as he is the deputy. House Party Early Access Simulation.

House party game not censored

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House Party Uncensored