Hottest visual novels

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Visual novels have always been heavily associated with the romance genre, for better or for worse. Ever since Elf's Doukyuusei set off the dating sim inbishoujo games have dominated the market. The best romance VNs can surpass the genre, pulling in elements of drama, thriller, and even science fiction. Romance is a powerful thing, and these visual novels can leave a heavy emotional impact and an unforgettable experience.

Not all of them necessarily have romance as the main focus. However, since the tags are user-submitted, each of these games had a romantic subplot that left an impression on fans. The sixth game by super-popular VN studio Key. Little Busters! There's much more afoot than teenage romance, though.

Multiple characters drop hints about a "secret to this world", and it may be related to Riki's narcolepsy. There's a batting practice simulator and the odd fighting game sequence. Don't get discouraged by this, as they don't require too much skill to complete. Subarashiki Hibi isn't the longest game on the list, but it may be the densest. The story jumps between multiple protagonists experiencing the events of the same week.

It all revolves around the suicide of Zakuro Takashima, a girl whose death may be the first of the apocalypse. There's certainly romance subplots in the game, but they won't hottest visual novels what you'll remember most by the end.

SubaHibi is pretty infamous for dealing with subjects like mental health, suicide, and trauma.

Hottest visual novels

A lot of unsavory things are shown in graphic, bloody detail. Provided you can handle it, it's an engrossing experience. The re-imagining of a long-gone canceled title of the same name. Sakura no Uta is the story of Naoya, who, after the loss of his father, moves in with his friend Kei and her sisters. His long-lost childhood friend, Rin, makes a reappearance around the same time. It sounds like a very stock premise, but the game isn't afraid to bring up deeper topics like philosophy.

There are six main heroines in Sakura no Uta. There's also a final true end route that only unlocks after you've finished every other character's story. The visual novel. The original spawned an anime adaptation, a gacha gameand multiple movies.

Hottest visual novels

Participants make combat by summoning the spirits of historical figures. The game's plotline is directed depending on which character the player is the closest to. The three routes vary pretty widely - Sakura's, in particular, is much darker than the other two and often compared to a horror story. Before going any further, we need to talk about nakige. A portmanteau of a Japanese term meaning "crying game", a nakige aims to emotionally destroy hottest visual novels player. Clannad is the most popular game by Key, the studio that invented the term.

The first half of Clannad goes down pretty easily. The protagonist, Tomoya, is a delinquent high schooler struggling with his abusive father. He meets one of his classmates, a sickly but kind girl named Nagisa. The latter half, taking place after a time skip, is where things get much heavier. We wouldn't dare spoil it, but consider bringing a security blanket. It's easy to argue that Baldr Sky isn't a visual novel at all. Most of the game is the traditional text with a few choices, but there are many action sequences. These levels are mecha-piloting shooters.

There's a huge weapon tree and multiple difficulty levels. All of the main characters in Baldr Sky are mech pilots. The protagonist, Kou, is an amnesiac who suddenly awakens in the middle of a battle. His main goal is to investigate the "Gray Christmas", a tragic event that apparently destroyed his life. An easy recommendation for fans of the cyberpunk genre. The player character awakens with no memories or identity, in a decrepit old mansion.

They meet a woman who claims to be their Maid and directs them to live the lives of four other people.

Hottest visual novels

The stories take place in Europe, the time frame ranging from the 11th to 19th centuries. They all deal with the pretty heavy issues of their time, with a focus on various forms of class discrimination. Eventually, the main character remembers more and more of who they are, and it's incredibly engrossing. The original White Album was a pretty influential work, released back in It follows university student Touya and his relationship with long-time friend and romantic interest Yuki. Yuki is a popular idol singer, and her busy career is tearing the two apart.

White Album 2the much-anticipated follow-up, takes place after a ten-year time skip. Closing Chapter is much longer and has multiple endings. Getting the full story requires both chapters. The second half of the dimension-spanning murder mystery classic Umineko no Naku Koro ni. It takes place on a secluded island owned by hottest visual novels dying wealthy patriarch. He invites his prospective heirs to the island to negotiate his will, but things turn grim. A typhoon traps everyone on the island and people start mysteriously dropping dead. Umineko features a great romance plot among the layers upon layers of mystery.

Keep in mind that Chiru is a sequel.

Hottest visual novels

It's mandatory to read the first half of the story first. Both halves are over 60 hours longso strap in. Another one of those medium-defining works. Steins;Gate is a hard sci-fi mystery centering on a group of students who discover time travel.

The main theme of the story is cause and effect, as characters travel back multiple times to alter future events. Although it's chiefly a thriller, Steins;Gate manages to touch on a lot of different genres. In the greater scheme of the story, the romance aspect might seem small. Still, this one is almost mandatory reading for anyone trying to get into visual novels. It also has one of the best VN-to-anime adaptations. She likes Genshin Impact, Splatoon, and Pokemon. By Hannah Reed Published Jun 09, Share Share Tweet 0.

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Hottest visual novels

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