High tail hall classic

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New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. H Studios Collection [Final] [H. H Studios]. Thread starter BaasB Start date Jun 14, anal sex big ass big tits character creation female domination female protagonist furry male protagonist oral sex prostitution titfuck vaginal sex. First Prev 5 of 12 Go to. Feb 1, 29 8. Reactions: DoctorSargePep and Purb. Purb Active Member. Jul 8, Ahclassic newgrounds. So much porn games i played on it.

Reactions: Humalien. MotoTranslates said:. I've had a couple of softlocks too. Ponyniac Newbie. Jul 25, 73 We need a special detachment of Catholic priests.

We cannot let everyone crawl out of the grave. Reactions: DoctorSargePep. Jun 15, 1 1. I can not remember. Also what happen to the Unity version for this?

Jun 1, AkatoshBlessing said:. It's kinda fucked up that most people said that this reminded them of their childhood, but I can't say that I don't feel the same way lmao. The fact that this is completed also kinda blew my mind away. Well done to the devs. Reactions: SilverfanHumalien and Purb. Whyllow Member. Apr 18, Gotta agree that saying a porn game reminds you of your childhood is kinda messed up, because if these people started fapping to porn at such an early age they most likely have a porn addiction by now.

However, only one or two people said they played this during their childhood, everyone else only said they played it a long time ago, myself included, we didn't say we were children back then. Reactions: SilverfanHumalienAkatoshBlessing and 1 other person. Aug 15, The online version of this didn't age well either. Pay wall content for something that looks like it came out of Reactions: DoctorSargePep and Ullubu.

DaDDyBenji Newbie. Oct 6, 38 You can add :Futa, Double Penetration. Reactions: Ullubu. Yeorman Newbie. Apr 28, 59 Jul 9, Since we are making a collection, let me share two goodies I have saved a while ago. High Tail Hall 2. So much memories with that Jurandirr Member. Dec 4, Im impressed that no one took this game and completed on his own like some people high tail hall classic with other games, since its so old, a lot of animations is showed from, Guess im luck that i only find it now.

Cap'nFap'n New Member. Sep 15, 8 4. I swear there was another of these games called "The Room" or something like that where you're in a penthouse and there's a polar bear girl and I think a cougar or mountain lion. There was also a parrot chick and a collie in a hot tub. It came out a few years after the original, but before the whole online game. Anyone else know what I'm talking about? Reactions: Humalien and HairyLurker. RenToyonde said:. God, I wish this site had tag blacklisting Reactions: Jameson Dec 11, 34 I've been playing HTH games since the first one popped up in newgrounds all those years ago and to be honest I've always felt like they've gone downhill since.

They had too many things they wanted to do, and it was a never ending process of updating and rebooting the art and the game layout and everything in between that apparently hasn't stopped yet. Also call me insane, but I still like the artwork from the first game better than what they've got going on now. The first one had this simple and basic artwork befitting of an early flash game, the new style looks this simple and basic artwork befitting of a late flash game, with shines and shadows and stuff as to kind of hide that they still make the boobs with the "circle" tool in whatever software they use.

It sometimes makes the characters look like plastic, like literal moving blow up dolls. Still, the animation did get a lot better in a lot of places, so it's kind of a mixed feeling I dunno man, it's just my taste, maybe there's some nostalgia there in between. Reactions: PsybehrWolf. Cap'nFap'n said:. Reactions: Cap'nFap'n. Olduvai New Member. Jan 12, 3 Playing a buggy, unfinished version of High Tail Hall: Man it's like all over again.

Just something to keep in mind next time an actual, well, high tail hall classic such as Summertime Saga goes more than a couple of months between updates. For anyone interested in what an absolute clusterfuck High Tail Hall has been, I recommend reading You must be registered to see the links. Nov 8, SirSchlongSlinger said:. Weird how furry games had a boom in the early s and then systematically killed themselves as time went on.

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High tail hall classic

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High Tail Hall Classic