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A new story for the first time in ages! Premise: A college student starts playing Overwatch with his roommate and starts to like Mercy a lot. Soon his life becomes a wonderful haze of submission as he submits to his roommate as the healer to his tank…. My roommate and I use to be great friends. Thankfully, a new big game healslut stories to be right around the corner. My roommate keeps talking about Overwatch lately. He really loves playing tanks, protecting his teammates with shields and standing massive amounts of damage before going down.

We played a few games of the beta and… I was shocked how well we were doing! We won 11 of the 12 games we played and I kept getting gold medals for keeping everyone healed! Better yet, people kept on thanking me. I kept saving them right as they were about to die or had giant 5 man resurrections. My roommate even thanked me in person for doing such a healslut stories job. It felt… it felt addicting being so well liked. Definitely getting the full game when it launches! My roommate and I played Overwatch for almost the entire day. It was just win after win… absolute heaven!

There were always so many compliments thanking me healslut stories my job healing. It was incredible having so many people like … love me! For some reason, I was getting really stimulated playing. Like, excited stimulated from just playing a game but I also felt a really strange satisfaction. There was this weird feeling that felt like a mixture between pride and… and arousal. It was so weird. After our matches, my roommate took a shower and I sat there doing nothing for a few moments. And then I just… I masturbated for all I was worth. I looked up a bunch of Overwatch Rule 34 and jacked off to the sight of Mercy getting gangbanged.

It was so wrong, but I was howling with pleasure with every stroke! Things are getting a bit weird now. I keep asking all those hard cocks to let me keep sucking them and to let their healer relieve them. I was masturbating to that same image again when my roommate walked in. I gasped in surprise and frantically tried to hide my porn and my cock, but he saw everything. He closed the door, and left dorm for a while.

I wanted to cry from embarrassment. Later that day, he came back. I wanted to apologize, but he acted as if nothing strange happened. He asked if I wanted to play a few games of Overwatch. I jumped at the opportunity just to relieve all the tension. Looks like the opposite happened….

We won our first match and carried our team completely. He got on the cart, threw up his rectangle shield, and never stopped pushing. I kept him alive constantly, sacrificing the opportunity for giant four man resurrections just to keep him at full health. I started celebrating as we won. At that point, I turned my head and saw my roommate.

His cock was out, throbbing in the cool air in anticipation. I wanted to scream. Why had he taken his cock out!!? But… the more I looked at it… the more I realized I owed my tank. I owed my tank for keeping me safe. At the very least, I could pay healslut stories back for all his hard work and protection with a little blowjob. He kept making cute little moans and started stroking my hair. He called me a good little healer. It drove me crazy! I was rock hard.

I knew healslut stories this was all about him, not me. After a few minutes, his warm, sticky praise was jetting into my mouth, making me flinch from the bitter taste. I broke off from his cock, looked up at him, and swallowed all of his hot white cum. He gave me a loving stroke on my head, called me a good girl, and told me to get back to our matches. I woke up this morning wondering if all that was a dream. Did I really suck off my roommate? Immediately my roommate let me know, addressing me as his heal slut and groping my ass when I walked up to him.

He told me we should get back to playing Overwatch so he could feel good about carrying everyone again. While I was out of the room, he had pushed our rigs together, and even fiddled with my controls. He rebound my M1 and M2. He said he did it so that I could move around the map and heal him while I had a hand free. We both sit down. Temple of Anubis starts loading. He takes healslut stories his cock. I grip his cock in real life while I attach my heal beam to my tank like the selfish band aid medic I am in Overwatch.

His cock felt amazing in between my hands. That thick heavenly member conveyed its raw strength with every little throb. My hand was perfectly willing to deliver. Two team kills later and the match was over. My tank started grunting as his play of the game started to roll. He grabbed a Kleenex and told me to keep pumping while I looked at what his good little healslut had helped him with. As the screen faded away, he started moaning long and hard… he was spurting right into that tissue! Having another man orgasm in my hands was… oooh, it was incredible!

I could feel all that pleasure and relief throb, pumping warm spunk into that little tissue, drenching it with pure manly seed. My brain was going wild from the sight. My tank chuckled at the sight, before smashing the tissue against my face. I whipped out my own cock and spurt within seconds, spraying cum all over my shirt and pants. I felt horribly embarrassed for not being able to healslut stories myself.

My roommate told me the look suited me. He gave me another head rub for being a good girl and gave me some extra instructions. We were a heal slut and a tank. My tank had a present for me this morning! He called it a Loot Box. I opened the present up and inside there was a little piece of paper. The doctors showed my tank my new butt and he really liked it. As soon as the doctor was out of the room, he slid his hands down my underwear and made me moan like the little whore I am feeling me up. The plan is to buy a whole bunch of miniskirts for me to show off my new butt… My tank also said he decided what my new cosplay outfit would be.

I was expected to work hard on my outfit every day so the boys would go nuts for a real heal slut attending to their needs. He wanted me to make sure I was damage boosting healslut stories as well. He scolded me for being so dumb and only healing tanks with my mouth when I have a tight asshole ready for tanks to damage with cocks as big as their health pools.

He was grunting so hard with every violent thrust he made into my asspussy. I guess I should have expected him to hammer my virgin asshole as hard as he healslut stories our enemies in Overwatch. I was screaming for more and more until he filled my ass with a wonderful load of tank cum. Being cum inside just felt… so wonderful. It was just like getting the gold medal for most healing done in a match.

My tank got really mad at me after I took out my pistol and tried shooting people. After we lost, he threw me out of my seat onto the ground and told me to get under his battlestation. I knew what to do from there. I unbuttoned his jeans, unzipped them, and pulled them down his pants to his ankles. I kept pumping my mouth up and down that thick shaft while I heard him take point after point riding the cart. No other whores were replacing me! In no time at all, my tank was throbbing and pulsating in my mouth until warm, wonderful cum pumped into my eager cheeks!

My tank was nice enough to haul me out from under the table to see his play of the game and healslut stories those shiny gold medals he earned. He gave me a firm spank to get me all fired up again, and told me to get back in the game. I got another loot box today! I went red at the sight of my present when I opened the box. It was a fat, flesh colored 8 inch dildo with a suction cup on the bottom, built for riding. My tank pulled up a chair and stuck the thing down. He coated it in lube and commanded me to sit down and play a few games. I must have looked like an idiot walking into walls while that silicon in my butt distracted me.

The dildo felt a little uncomfortable at first, but after our first round on Illios, I was bouncing on that thing milking my prostate for all I was worth. I tried my best to focus that game but… fuck it was too good. As the overtime meter hit the bottom I was squealing and panting in excitement. My cock was healslut stories limp but I was leaking pre cum like a facet. We left our group so I could focus on fucking myself. I was a mess; I was panting as my crotch bounced just a little and prostate fluid dribbled out of me. It got too intense at the end, even to the point where I had to forcefully break away from the dildo to calm down.

Healslut stories

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