Going home walkthrough

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First up, we'll start off with four of the miscellaneous achievements at once. Start up a new game with the 'all lights on' modifier enabled. To start, grab the duck from the cabinet to the left of the front door. Get the key and unlock the door, then pick up the duck and carry it inside. Drop the duck at the base of the stairs and open the secret door between the stairs and the bookshelves to the right of them. Grab the attic key from inside, then grab the duck and continue upstairs.

Turn right at going home walkthrough top of the stairs and continue down the hall. Drop the duck around the corner to the left, and open the door with the 'Caution - Radiation Area' on it. Open the locker on the far side of the room with combination and get the key inside, which opens the basement. Exit the room and grab the duck, continuing down the hall.

The door at the end of the hall, just before you turn left and see the glowing red light where the attic hatch is, le into a room with some boxes in it. Go inside, open the closet, and look for a white button in on the ceiling inside, in the near-right corner. Press this button for This Old House. This Old House Open the secret bookshelf in the guest room from the outside. Go back out into the hall and open the going home walkthrough. Pick the duck back up and climb the steps into the attic, then turn going home walkthrough degrees and place the duck into its 'nest' at the top of the stairs for Nesting Instinct.

Nesting Instinct Return Christmas Duck to his rightful place. Now it's time to work on Wet Bandit. Head back down the hall and take the door to the right into your parents' bedroom. Go back out into the hall, and directly opposite your parents' room, you should see a door to the left that le into your Sam's bathroom. Go back downstairs to the foyer. Facing the front doors, the door to the right of the front doors le into a bathroom.

Exit this room and turn left 90 degrees. Look for a door to your left that le down a hall heading toward the basement. Follow the hall around to the right and to the end, then down into the basement. When you reach the furnace, turn left degrees, then head right around the corner and go into the door on the right to find a safe. Enter combination to unlock Intuitive. Intuitive Guess the combination to Oscar's safe before finding the code. Exit the room and go into the door to the right going away from the afore-mentioned furnace. Continue on and up into the hall in the back of the house.

Pass the dining room and kitchen, and at the end of the hall you'll find two doors. Quit out to the menu. Wet Bandit Turn on every faucet in the house at once. Alright, now that all of that's out of the way we'll go for Homerunner. This may take a few tries, but just relax and keep going at it. The key here is to make sure you don't bump into anything, like the banister on the stairs, because you loose a second or two anytime that happens. From the start, grab the key under the duck and enter the house. Open the secret door to the right of stairs and grab the attic key interact with the door, back up a step to let it open, and rush in.

Go upstairs and open the attic, then climb into the attic and run to the book at the end. Interact it to end the game and keep spamming to skip the subsequent prologue. If you manage all of this in under 60 seconds, you'll unlock Homerunner.

Homerunner Complete the game in less than 1 minute with no Modifiers enabled. If this is the first time you've finished the game, which it should be if you've followed this, you'll unlock Gone Home. Gone Home Complete the game. Alright, at this point we'll just need to do Speedreader and Behind the Scenes. We'll tackle Speedreader first.

A step-by-step is below, or you can just check out the video. You'll probably want to practice each area a little before going for it all in one pass, just to get used to where the journals are located.

Going home walkthrough

This achievement is pretty easy, as there is a comfortable cushion within the minute clock on it. From the start, open the cabinet, grab the duck, grab the key, and open the front door. Grab folder on table to left for Sam's journal - At the New House. Go upstairs and turn right, open cabinet low to your left and grab the item then put it back for Sam's journal - Hanging Out With the Girls.

Continue straight through the door at the end. Examine the lock straight ahead inside the room and enter as the combination. Grab the key next to it. Enter the door on the far side of the room and through the door opposite it in the hallway to go into the bathroom. Pick up the bottle by the tub and put it down for Sam's journal - Dealing With Roots.

Going home walkthrough

Go back through the room and downstairs. Turn a sharp right at the base of the stairs and enter the door. Open the closet door just inside to the left and pick up the paper for Sam's journal - First Day of School. Continue down the hall and enter the door on your right at the corner, then through the door on the far side of that room.

Go around the partition in the center of the room and look for a panel low on the wall in the corner to your right. Remove the panel and toss it aside, then examine the show flyer for Sam's journal - Adjusting to the Dark.

Return back through the room and into the hallway, entering the door diagonally to your right as you re-enter the hall don't hook around the corner to the right to enter a blue-tinted TV room. Exit the door you entered for the TV room and go straight ahead down the hall.

Enter the door to the left before you reach the curtains, and turn left inside the room to open another door to a closet. Read the letter between the shirts hanging in front of you in the closet - Sam's journal - Default Friends. Exit the closet and the room and turn left in the hallway to reach the curtains. Open the bottom drawer beside the going home walkthrough and read the note for Sam's journal - Best Laid Plans. Turn left from the dresser, enter the door, and go down the stairs to the basement.

As you enter you'll see two boxes in front of a covered couch. On the back side of the box nearest you, between the boxes, examine the drawing for Sam's journal - It's Different Now. Continue to the right from here to the right from where you entered and around the corner to the furnace. To the left, read the letter sitting on the box for Sam's journal - Ship Date.

Continue around this direction, behind the wall that the furnace is on, to see a door cracked open. Enter it and examine the scrap on the wall for Sam's journal - I Can Sing. Turn around and exit this room.

Enter the room 90 degrees to your right and grab the postcard directly in front of you for Sam's journal - Stick With the Group. Turn left from the postcard and follow the corner around to the right to reach a set of stairs. Turn right into going home walkthrough room at the top of the stairs and read the letter on the desk for Sam's journal - Getting Lonnie. Continue past the desk through the door behind it.

Look going home walkthrough a folder on the table to the left of the couch. Close the folder first, and examine the scrap beneath it for Sam's journal - The Nunnery. Turn left from here and head down the hall into the dining room. Look on the far side of the table to your right for a folder. Open the folder, and examine the note first topthen the slip bottom for Sam's journal - A Very Long Phase.

Continue to the other end of the table and through the sliding door. You should see a half open door in front of you. Head left around the corner and down the hall. At the far end, in a small alcove down low on the wall to the left of the small table, read the crumpled note for Sam's journal - Dedication. Go left from here when facing the note and around the corner, and enter the door on the left to a laundry room.

Go through the far door into a greenhouse-like room, and on the far side to the right of the door, examine the map for Sam's journal - Live Moves On. Turn around and go back through the bathroom into the hallway.

Going home walkthrough

Follow the hallway around to the right, then left and into the half-open door to reach the kitchen. Read the story on the table with the blue cup for Sam's journal - Daniel. Go through the door on the right to leave the kitchen and through the next door into the garage. Grab the hat off the bike's handlebars and put it back to get Sam's journal - Just Gone. Grab the milk carton from the recycling bin and back up to the door where you entered by the bike. Look up at the ceiling for a purple ball and throw the milk carton at it to knock it down.

Pick up the ball and carry it with you from now on drop it to open doors and such, and pick it back up after. Leave the garage back through the kitchen. Go left when you reach the hallway and follow it around to going home walkthrough left past the couch you closed the folder by earlier.

Going home walkthrough

Open the door past the couch pick the ball back up to reach the entrance area of the house. Open the secret panel to the left of the bookshelves, which are to the right as you enter this area. Go inside and grab the attic key off the box.

Going home walkthrough

You'll get Sam's journal - In the Attic when you get the key. Come back out, making sure to grab the ball again. Go up the stairs and down the hall to the right to find an open door with a nerf basketball hoop hanging on it.

Going home walkthrough Going home walkthrough

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