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Yesterday, the Oracle Dice finally arrived! Four boxes full of 12 boxes each and hundreds on hundreds of dice 17, dice total! Do you want a new form of divination? Ever wanted to cast some dice with your bones or runes? Or roll a reading over the top of your tarot reading? The Oracle Dice are now officially for sale! You can now begin ordering the dice sets, with or without mats, or the oracle deck, right off the website below! Holy WOW this is a stunning set from normal-horoscopes. I have taken no pictures of the actual cards yet because I would like to go through every single one individually to admire charminglyantiquated 's art.

Watching the whole thing unfold on publishinggoblin 's kickstarter was incredible and I am so, SO glad I was able to grab a set of the gold. I might also be keeping an eye out to see if there are any sets of the silver left for me to snap up and get a matching pair My bank was charged for 7! Whether you like it or goblin tumblr - there ARE paths out there that have specific rules There's no other colour that comes in - that's it. Sorry for you, but they DO exist. In fact, there are many of them. If you do not follow those rules, tenets, etc And there is n othing wrong with that - i t simply means that you are of some o ther path.

That's it! That's all that means! If you happen to be a part of one of these paths, there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying so. If someone claims to be a part of one of these paths, but are absolutely, blatantly not - there is nothing wrong with saying that, and explaining why that is. Some people just honestly don't know there is a difference, or that these certain prerequisites are indeed a definitive factor - so they learn something, they broaden their horizons.

Instead of taking it as a learning experience, you are immediately pounced on with notions of ' there are no rules! Well yes, while all of that is true - it still remains that how ever you want to practice or whatever you personally decide to do, may just simply n ot be what you are claiming, or calling it.

It may just be semantics - but semantics matter when dealing with nuance. And paganism is e xtremely nuanced. You can call a tomato an orange all you want to - but that thing will never be an orange, no matter how much you believe in it.

And people are not wrong for informing you that you may have the wrong name, that is in fact, a tomato. If you go on deciding to call it an orange, you can do that - but that is willful ignorance. Pretty fantastically hypocritical of you. I do not, at all, in any form, believe in "ritual magick" - as perpetuated by Aleister Crowley hardons.

And no, that is not a knock on Crowley, just the idiot followers that don't understand half of what he taught and latch onto the superficial. When you look at the origins and make up of magical beliefs, and magic itself as a separate entity - no matter which particular branch - they were all created by religion. They all have roots in highly spiritual cultures and goblin tumblr. So, I absolutely do not believe for one second that you can believe in magic without SOME form of religion - whatever one you adhere to is your choice, but you cannot have the first without the latter.

You cannot. Even if you claim that you have no religion, or spiritual faith, your practices absolutely do. You are calling on goblin tumblr and agencies that absolutely have divine ties and connections one way or another.

Oh, how many atheists I see calling on the seals of Arch Angels They are mutually exclusive. Their religious beliefs clash with people who believe in their same god - so how could they not with those who believe in other gods?? Considering this, no other path would even need such stipulations themselves for them to be mutually exclusive, as Christianity already covers that issue so completely, but the fact that so many pagan paths goblin tumblr only exacerbates an already existing problem.

That being said - that does not mean you cannot believe in the Christian 'god', by whatever name you know him by - or that you cannot believe in Jesus, and also be a witch or pagan. In fact the latter has an even bigger argument for believing in both, as paganism, generically, in itself is polytheistic, so it is very fitting to simply have the Christian god and Jesus amongst the many deities being worshipped.

But those two things alone is not what makes Christianity. A good start, yes, but that is not all it takes - in fact, there are many that are shunned, excommunicated, banned, condemned and moreso whilst having those very two qualifying factors. And if you take that to heart and follow all those rules - you cannot be a witch goblin tumblr pagan, many times over, as you would be in direct opposition, or violation, of a of their teachings - both on the aspect of simple 'rules', but also on a much deeper spiritual level of the entire foundation of their faith.

Cannot serve two masters, and all that If you do not follow those rules, then sure, you could be a witch or a pagan - but then you cannot be a Christian. That is just the facts.

Many people like to argue the use of magic and mysticism in the bible - but the issue is what parts of the bible they are found, and all the amendments of the further books. Again, what really carves out being a Christian vs. As, news flash - there is far more than just Christianity. And some of them, do, in fact, do hand in hand with magic. In this same vein, I would like to note that I have never had any issue or seen conflict with the Hebrew or Jewish take on shamans, mystics and witches, as they really do go hand in hand - They have their own very in depth, detailed, spiritual and sentimental goblin tumblr of mysticism that was a natural progression from pre-Abrahamic religions and culture, and grew into their teachings and belief system, goblin tumblr it does not go against their core beliefs the same way it very stringently does in Christian theology.

Considering their ethnical histories and cultural heritage - this is a brilliant example of the natural evolution and progression of faiths - not simply ripped from the hands of the brutally oppressed and rewritten as a mockery to wipe out the preexisting notion of faiths -- as the Church has a history of doing.

The Book of Enoch is another shining example of Biblical magic, or Angelic magic. But, this also also turns my point into a self fulfilling prophecy, as in the fact that it is accepted amongst all denominations as heresy, and it is taught that these magics - though they do, in fact, exist, were for the angels and completely forbidden from mankind.

So, thusly, if you are a follower of Enoch, you are not a 'Christian', by name and membership, as you are outright going against it's teachings. You are a heretic, a blasphemer. Perhaps you may be one of the many other forms of the Christian god's followers - but not a Christian, as being Christian denotes a very specific set of beliefs and tenets - end of story. Magic, and paganism, is in direct conflict with those teachings, and therefore, cannot coexist.

On top of the logic - there is also the emotional issue. Christianity has a long history of abuse towards various pagan, tribal and indigenous faiths, while stealing our beliefs as their own, and demonizing those they couldn't successfully acclimate into theirs. Once upon a time, people sought out these very same communities and groups within their pagan circles as an escape, a safe space, and a shield and guardian against the Christian onslaught, torment, oppression, or just exhaustion - and now, we must not only tolerate them invading our private spaces, but must now welcome them with open arms and expected to be happy about it?

Forgive me if I don't sympathize If we are going to now be forced into being shoulder to shoulder with them, the very least you can offer us is neutrality. You can be accepting of all and still be neutral grounds - not taking any one side anywhere, all you have to do is be respectful to each other. Disagreement is not disrespectful. Sure, of course they could. But simply the act of disagreement is nothing hateful or hurtful in any way shape or form - in fact, good discourse is how progress is made.

So we need to remain neutral grounds and normalize goblin tumblr acceptance of different viewpoints - we need to recognize and accept that, yes, there are paths out there that do have specific requirements, expectations and limits - there are paths that are going to disagree, or just flat out not believe in something.

Instead of name calling, when someone of those paths decides to speak up and enlighten goblin tumblr elaborate on information that may be inaccurately described or depicted, you need to LISTEN and learn, and not just bludgeon them with presumptive judgement. Please shut the fuck up about cultural appropriation.

Not being of a specific faith is not equivalent to cultural appropriation - Telling someone "no, you're not xyz" is very different from telling someone "no, you can't practice xyz" looking at you smudge-Nazis You can enjoy, practice, learn or celebrate anything you want of any faith you want while not actually being apart of it - that's the beauty of goblin tumblr and learning.

And I think that is where all the trouble boils down from:. Yes, you can do whatever you want and can create whatever path you want for yourself We get enough of that from outsiders to start doing it to each other. Oh honey. Ya done goofed. And unfortunately for you, today the local Witchstorian woke up and chose violence. You've asked for a fight and you've come to the witch who'll oblige ya. There's so much that's wrong with this post that I hardly know where to begin. Order of Magnitude?

Let's just go chronologically. First off, the allegedly toxic "acceptance" you're referring to mostly applies to the fact that the witchcraft community has become more accepting of non-traditional paths than it used to be, along with the integration of more progressive ideas concerning what it means to be a witch, who can practice witchcraft, and the definition of witchcraft itself.

There is also greater awareness of how past and current social issues affect our community There has also been a movement to examine and decolonize our thinking with regards to modern practices, which is long overdue. For example, it is not acceptable to dictate, from whatever pedestal you think you're sitting on, who can and cannot be a witch.

But we'll get to that in a moment. There is a great deal of discussion in the pagan and witchcraft communities concerning cultural sensitivity and respect. Practices that have been in place for decades in established traditions are being dissected and re-evaluated, and witches on solitary or eclectic paths are being encouraged to educate themselves on closed cultures and practices in order to avoid the pitfalls that so many of us encountered in the 80s and 90s. While paganism IS very nuanced, the issue I'm seeing with the supportive argument for your claim that Christians goblin tumblr be witches is that you are conflating witchcraft and paganism, presuming they are one and the same, or at least that you cannot have one without the other.

And you are wrong. And I'm not saying that as an expression of disagreement or dissenting opinion. I mean you are Objectively. It is a practice that comes in many forms and spans cultures worldwide. Paganism is a loose umbrella term for various religions and traditions, many of them nature-centric, and many of them including some kind of magical practice. Religious and spiritual principles may certainly be applied to or built around witchcraft practices, as they are in Wicca. But there is no rule that says one goblin tumblr be pagan in order to be a witch. Magical practices may have their roots in spiritual customs and practices, but that does not make magic a religion in and of itself, nor does it make magic a product of religion, nor does it mean that any use of magic requires a spiritual or religious connection.

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