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We add lips and tongues, increasing our pressure. He makes me come with his fingers then pushes my knees to my chest and begins to fuck me. I tell him to lie down and straddle him. Grinding down on his cock I sense the first hint of something more intense than usual, something less about what I want and more about what I need. We change position again. He fucks me harder now, deeper.

On all fours with my elbows down, back arched, I close my eyes and let the intensity of it consume me. I start to feel it now, the heat, the pressure, the inherent dampness of it deep in my chest. I take a deep breath and then… I let go, feeling the exquisite release as the tears pierce their way out of my eyes.

I relax into it, pushing more out, letting them flow, soaking into the cotton; a salty wet patch on our cheap Ikea sheets. I keep quiet. Instead I breathe heavily, feeling the tension leave my body even as I sense it build in his. I never used to tear up in bed but since I had my first child two years ago it seems to happen quite regularly.

I have no idea what causes it. What makes someone cry during sex? She also reminded me that people are apt to get weepy over all manner of different things. For me, the sex-cry feels fantastic. Intense, yes. Cathartic, for sure. But definitely on the joyful end of the spectrum. This is more or less how it feels for me too.

Although usually the crying starts long after my orgasm. And it has to be fucked out of me. For me, my primary orgasm, as I like to think of it, happens through clitoral stimulation. But I only ever cry during a long, hard, cock-in-cunt shag. Moyle was unable to shed any more light.

It seems to me the cocktail of hormonal and neurological changes that occur during the sexual arousal process are, well, if not the entire experience of sex, then certainly at the crux of it. This is something that Naomi Wolf touched on in her book, Vagina. She talks about the role fuck me blog the autonomic nervous system ANS and the effect of oxytocin, one of the key hormones released during sex, on the brain.

Since I hadI am certainly more stressed. But I also have a lot of other strong feelings. Intense joy, for example. All I can do is feel. So yes, fuck me to tears. Give me the kind of sex that leaves me punch-drunk, that pushes me fuck me blog what I think I want, beyond what I think I need, to the very margins of what I can take. I want to feel it cunt, in my chest, in my throat, behind my eyes.

Fuck me blog

You describe it so well, I could almost feel it myself. Magnificent post — both hot AF and educational!

Fuck me blog

This has only happened once to me. I felt it was connected to my new found happiness after many years of not being so happy. That the intensity of the sex that day brought it on. It was as you describe in controllable and a while after the almighty first orgasm. It was on all fours which is possibly one of favourite places to be fucked hard and intensely. I gave felt almost like crying after less intense sex recently.

Great post. This used to happen to me when I first started having sex with my boyfriend. He was worried that he was doing something wrong but it was quite the opposite. Plus, we were so in love. This site uses Fuck me blog to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. He strokes the back of my head and I turn and look up at him sheepishly. Why do I cry during sex? And feeling feels so good. And then, I want to give into it, to let go, and have a bloody good cry. Golden Hare says:.

Fuck me blog

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Fuck me blog

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Fuck me blog

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