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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Oct 18, 3, Well, it was fun. But I fenoxo discord I wont be getting another chance at it.

It's a shame, but I'm gonna do my best to not let this bug me too much. Even though it's a pretty big punch in the nuts. If one of you could relay this message to them, I'd really appreciate it. You guys made my day every time I logged in. I'm not good at talking to people and making friends. But you guys made it so I didnt feel so alone. You made me laugh. And cry. And all sorts of other things. It was fun. But now, it's over. Im going to fenoxo discord my best to move on from this, and use it as a way to improve myself so it doesnt happen again.

Maybe I'll find a way back some day. Though I'm crossing my fingers, I wouldn't bet on it too much. But hey, who knows? And at least I've still got the forums. Anyway, to sum it all up, to all my pals on the discord Last edited: Oct 23, Mar 17, Ghost58 Well-Known Member. Feb 15, I'm confused as to the context here. ScarletteKnight Well-Known Member. Dec 19, 1, 1, Ghost58 said:.

Click to expand Reactions: ShySquare. ScarletteKnight said:. He was banned from the FenCo Discord, and he's not taking it well. Reactions: Elen. Oh, thought he was dying or something but it's just a discord ban. Didn't even know we had one. XBoxMaster said:. Lol, nah. It's just a really big deal for me, cause it was by far my primary source of human interaction for the better part of a year. Raindrops Well-Known Member. Jun 19, 1, Reactions: cyoElenCouch and 10 others. Raindrops said:. Also not trying to be a dick here, but Seriously dude, that is not healthy.

Go outside and interact with people, don't get all of your human interaction from a porn forum. Crablord Well-Known Member. Jan 18, 1, Emerald Fenoxo discord Member.

Jun 8, 1, 2, www. Evil Well-Known Member. Jul 18, 2, 4, I have to support what Emerald and Raindrops are saying. This isn't healthy. Having just one source of social interaction is not healthy. And while I like this forum its one of the better ones I've belonged toits not a "social" forum, at least, not in the manner you need. It's okay to invest yourself in a community, but it seems like you're pouring your whole self into one place fenoxo discord I think this ban from one small aspect of that is indicative of why that can be a bad idea.

I know you've said you're going to a therapist and that's good, keep seeing them. That's getting back onto the right path. But you need to expand your social circle. If its actually talking to people face to face, then there are probably support groups in your local area.

Or an activity group, walking groups are good, there's minimal conversation unless you want it and its fresh air too, which is always good. If you prefer an online community, again, look for a support community. Or a forum where you can vent or just talk to people about personal matters. The salient point is that you need to take a step back for fenoxo discord own mental health. The people here, want you to be okay, they want you to be healthy. The people you have become friends with on here will welcome you back with open arms.

Emerald said:. It's just a group ban, it's not the end of the world, Xbox stop acting like it is because it's making me cringe a little and I usually NEVER cringe. If you got banned you obviously did something wrong. If you're not let back in then I suggest shrugging your shoulders and going on with your day. It's that easy. It's not as if you're banned from every fengame related site, you're still here aren't ya?

You can still talk to folks here so idk why getting banned from ONE group on an app is so deep to you, it doesn't help that you were begging to be let back in at one point which just looks pathetic if you want me to be honest. Just shrug and move on, it's not that deep, and obsessing over it isn't healthy in the slightest because this is literally the most minor thing you can fret over. Evil said:. Oct 29, 2, 3, Fenoxo discord think of it this way: you no longer need to use an app that doesn't support SSL and data mines you.

Reactions: Jongeedubs. Wait, data mining? You serious? Eh, fuck it. Not like theyll get anything good from me. I got fuck all in my bankand the only "vital data" I have is in my image gallery. Sep 16, Fenoxo discord fen discord is full of soft hearted people who can't really handle shit in my opinion, you make people think you are talking about something that has nothing to do with the topic at hand and they are bound to cry about it. And no offense Xbox I felt you were gonna get banned sooner or later dude, they banned me but eh I don't really care. Sooner or later those people that are all soft hearted and that come here too are gonna try to change things here and you'll probably be banned again on some stupid shit.

Personally like everyone is saying just move on with it and keep it pushing, if you want to use discord still just another one that isn't full of cunts that will ban you for asking too many questions about a subject when they are feeling In the dumps.

Reactions: XBoxMaster B Well-Known Member Creator. Jul 13, 3, Lkynmbr24 Well-Known Member Creator. Oct 30, 1,

Fenoxo discord

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