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Info: My game is a choice-based visual novel, where you take the role of Sophia Parker, a happily married middle-aged woman and mother of a son and daughter. And not only the city is bigger but also their new house and backyard. Sophia is f95 awam high school teacher and former college lecturer.

She comes from a wealthy academics family. An odyssey of emotions. Some decisions maybe have to be made unwillingly. And in the end she has to ask herself… how far can she go. Average rating 4. Vote count: Hi Miladmin, The dev. Cheers Gus. I will try to find new walkthrough soon.

Hi Miladmin, thanks for the quick reply, the 0.

Regards Gus. Hello Gus, sure here is walkthrough for version 0. Hello, try to download from this link, i will replace soon other links, and thanks f95 awam info, it seems that i accidentally posted wrong version. A waste of time…no sex… lots of text. Door slammingknockingtalkingmore slamming and knocking Doorbell ringingggggggdoor slammingtalkingknocking.

More knockingslammingknockingtalking and ringing……. No shit dude, guy milking money from low IQ imbeciles almost 3 years now. Game have 5 minute playing per 4 months. He using 3 burner s work on 3 different games to milk money from 3 Patreon s and on every Patreon he have around to stupid followers. This Developer is fuck as shit!!!

This Asshole is really a Golddigger. No support for this Developer. Hello, i had similar problem on one route, you probably used old saves like me. I have 4 saves — On first one i have error, but i managed to see almost all scenes, so i can share with you if you are interested? Nursing home,solo bikini event,self defence yes,Bennet,Aiden. Filthy route Lt1.

Bennet yes. Dylan boarding school. Good wife route.

These saves are at the end of update 0. Holy Fuck. Not worth the money, not worth the wait anymore. Hello, okey. So much milking. I f95 awam with you shame on developers who abandon their games just to start another one. Hi, the normal link on this site is corrupted or damaged even when i download the file from mega.

Is a 30 days gameplay take 2 or 3 month for a little update? This is a nice game but if you take so long time for a short update. Plzz update full version as soon as possible. Love this but …. That would be nice if you update next content. Cause its gone be boring for long w8. And it has no sex scene with other without husband. So update next content. You do realize that this website does not develop these games, right? If you f95 awam to contact the developer, visit his Patreon site. This site here is just a platform that provides us with all the adult games that are being made by other people usually on Patreonfor free.

Normally you would have to pay to play these games. Are you still spamming this comment section with your full-caps no-brain comments? People can read dude, no need for that crap. Move on and play something you actually like. It took the dude 6 months, and all we get is a handful of scenes without any real content or story progression. I lost faith in this game. Have a nice day. The creator of this game is nothing but a scammer pretending to be a game developer. It is pretending to be an adult sex game but in reality it is nothing but a con job. I encourage anyone paying this idiot to stop and just rip game off.

I believe fully in financially supporting quality, trustworthy developers but this clown is not worth a penny.

The only thing this game is good for is blue balls. The game concludes after the drawing lesson. Anyway I love this game!!

I love the way things are slowly getting hotter, and the characters are appealing and alive. If you will need any help in the future please let me know. I downloaded from the Link 1, and it is asking me for the password when I extract it.

What is the password? Date: Rate this f95 awam. ViewsDownload 1 From Rapidgator Size: Mb. Download 2 From Fileboom Size: Mb. Download 3 From Filefox Size: Mb. Download 4 From Keepshare Size: Mb. Volnut says:.

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F95 awam

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