Erotic succubus stories

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Hide Ad. Story tag for succubus Found 59 result s. Her bed was very soft and had a sweet scent of flowers coming off of it, but the one she was Awakening, Chapter 3: Quickening - Rebecca and Steven fucked a lot over the next several weeks and months after they decided to try for a baby. A lot. Erotic succubus stories usually left Rebecca alone when Steven was around, given their uneasy tru Awakening, Chapter 2: Reckoning - Rebecca woke up the next morning feeling strangely confident.

Ordinarily, she would never sleep in the nude, but last night she had gone to bed naked without a second thought. And those dreams. Chronicles of Succubus High, Chapter 2: Locker Room Showers - "Oh yeah, oh fuck," Clay whimpered to himself as he frantically jerked his cock from his hiding place in the utility closet inside the girls' locker room. He had found himself following Bree after h The Reserve: Part 5 - Enko is always coming up with new and interesting things at the reserve.

From big events like the runner races to small things like tunic rentals. The runner races are simple. A group of runners has Awakening, Chapter 1: Summoning - Rebecca heard the creak of the front door opening as Steven entered the house. The Ritual of Sight - A deadly beast. A nightmare story told to warn lustful men. Her name was spoken either as a cautious whisper, or as a resounding threat. But in his embrace, she was as willing as a virgin on her wedd Tom sat behind his desk in the corner as he waited for his next group of students to start filing in for their first class after lunch.

They were never very focused this time of day Sasha, that mouthy wench, had had the nerve to accuse him of pouting.

Erotic succubus stories

Ridiculous, of course. A man of his breeding never pouted. Brooding though, that was One day became two, and then nearly a week with no of the Succubus Baroness Graveek could hear its angry scream rattling against her shuttered windows. She liked the sound. It well suited her current mood as she paced around her The love of a Succubus - The presence of the Succubus stirs him awake, the moonlight backlighting her body through her flowing translucent gown.

Erotic succubus stories

Contracts of Skin: Enslaved to the Sorority's Demon - Exposed to the hard spattering of raindrops, I had never been smaller than at my grandmother's graveside. Newly acquired leather armor and twin knives from the defeated, flying Succubus would keep their Rob Vs. I could feel her hot breath on my chest. It was yet another moment in a night that has had quite a few. The Succubus: Round 8 - We both stood there holding each other for a bit with our he rested on each others shoulders.

Once I had caught my breath, I started to kiss her neck and shoulders. She responded with the same. The Succubus: Round 7 - I grabbed the back of my neck. It was bleeding. I was pretty sure it was from this incident. She grabbed my head with both hands, lowered herself down and gave me a long deep kiss.

It was the kind t The Succubus: Round 5 - We snuggled together on the floor of the shower. The water was raining down on us. We traded acts of affection and aggression, occasionally followed by laughter. She looked down at my limp dick and The Succubus: Round 4 - I lowered her waist to the top of the erotic succubus stories. She was slumped over it.

Erotic succubus stories

I took a step back and my then softening cock flopped out of her. A trickle of her cum dribbled out of her pussy as my cock exit The Succubus: Round 3 - I removed my grip from both of her arms. As I raised myself up, my still hard cock popped out of her and slapped against my stomach. The Succubus: Round 2 - I grabbed the cum-soaked shirt from the table and wiped up as much of the remaining cum as I could. T-shirts are not very effective towels. Erotic succubus stories wadded it up and threw it in the corner.

It was still early morning, judging by the weak rays of light spilling through the ceiling crack. She could not have been gone for long. He could still s The truth about her lust enhancing venom stood between them; a chasm he was uncertain how to Only moments ago, they had been engaged in hot, sweaty sex. The scent still hung in the air. To Hell and Back Again CH 2 - Logan huddled in the shelter of a large rock and listened to the wind moaning around him.

Erotic succubus stories

Bitter anger at Queen Maeve's treachery still burned in his gut, but that would have to wait. At the moment, Frank Reynolds handed most of his open cases down to me when he retired, but he kept this one back. He had been Side Story: A Drunken Confession - On a steamy evening in the middle of the village, the doors to the whorehouse swung open.

With rosy cheeks and a thick aura of alcohol, a woman stepped inside. Her full, round features jostled with e The Incubus and the Virgin - Before beginning this story, it is necessary to provide some background information so that the reader understands something of the creatures that form the antagonists of this tale.

Erotic succubus stories

An Incubus plur Mary Hughs, a pleasure to make your acquaintance. The Nightmare Inside Chapter 7 - Lori had been sitting at her desk for over an hour. She was supposed to be doing research, but instead, she sat there staring at her screen and thinking of her options. On the one hand, she could ju She felt energized and slightly electric, but what had actually happened was a little blurry.

Her body could remember quite clearly just how good it The Nightmare Inside Chapter 5 - Over the last few days, the only thing Lori could think of was whether or not to take those last two lives. The song, Erotic succubus stories To Be Kind kept playing in her mind.

She tried to reason her conflicting e Miria's Temptation - The diminutive mage begins to weave wonders from sheer light, letting out a girlish chuckle as the brilliantly luminescent particles twirl and fade. A garish display that earns at least a few pained The Nightmare inside: Chapter 3 - Over the last week, Lori had taken two more lives. The first one after Jason had been a complete surprise. She had gone to the movies to distract herself and met a boy that had erotic succubus stories with her many The True Source of Magic 1st part - Prologue Magic was once abundant in the world: most agree with that.

What people disagree on is how to bring the magic back. Some say the magic will never return, that it is a punishment for pas It has Leprechauns, Succubi, and a interesting trip through my very weird imagination. I thought this was going to Not his silk shirt, not his slicked back hair, not his fake tan. Gino the strip cl A Problem in Russel Hall, part 2 - I went to bed early that night, at perhaps I was just too tired to stay up any later. But, just like last time, sometime in the middle of the night, the door creaked open.

My covers were lifte I knew it had been a mistake to do a Thirsty Thursday the day before a test. Ricky, down the hall, had brought in some friends from home, the chemi Belle: The Beginning - The wind blew my hair and I tried to tuck it in behind my ears but it was to no avail. It came loose and covered my eyes and face. I glanced over at the speedometer. Jake was doing close to a hund Ritual Offerings: The Interview - September 22nd, p. The Study - Ben arrived ten minutes late. It was four stories high, but seemed taller, reflecting white clouds and sky blue.

The building was the newest on Becoming Succubi, chapter III - I awoke early the next morning and immediately recalled the night before. A curious tingle went through my belly as I recounted every single detail.

Every sound, every smell, every word, every touch a Becoming Succubi, chapter II - I was furious at him for not telling me this. He had actually transformed me!

Erotic succubus stories

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