Dreams of desire landlady

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Forums Adult Games Mods. Thread starter KinneyX23 Start date Jun 27, Discussion Reviews 5. Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev 7 of 12 Go to. Sep 18, 1, Member Donor. Jan 22, Guys any way to change the names from Landlady to Mom and roommate to Sister? Got it there is a simple installation mode, let me know if I can post the link.

Jun 5, 52 Paul B. Reactions: Itanimulli. Gazsika Newbie. Dec 3, 23 3. SkyNightwalker Newbie Donor. Jun 26, 80 Gazsika said:. KinneyX23 said:. First, you need to unpack the game with a tool like Sam's Unren. Option 2 is enough to add the mod, but with Option 9 you'll get the developer menu as well, which could come in handy, because you can actually view all the variables, that are loaded during your playthrough. Although it adds the console as well, I do not recommend to use it to Change any value, because it can break the game.

Then you need to copy the game folder from my dreams of desire landlady to the one, where your exe is located. After that you can play the game normally, with the addition of shown values for the variables. Required: You must be registered to see the links. KinneyX23 Active Member Modder.

Game Developer. Dec 20, 1, Keep in mind though, that the mod is not yet updated for episode 10 and therefore it won't go past the end of episode 9! I will update it in a few days, but right now, I don't really have the time. Reactions: Jeikobe. Jul 19, 3, 24, Gotta keep rendering those sexy metal babes. Reactions: KinneyX OP updated! Mega link follows as soon as I have access to my again. Shame on you for ing stuff you dirty leaker!

I didn't leak anything I'm just not at home and I can't remember my passord for the mega. MrJoZocker Member. Feb 11, I used the mod and chose the 2 to decompile the files and 3 to open the console and developer menu.

Who can help me? PS: Since my english is not that good, I use the google translator :-D. Fitzgerald Member. Oct 23, Fresh install of DoD Ep 10, unpacked the game, then copied the Episode 10 Modded into the game folder - and now the game goes to the ending screen after Ep 9.

It's a fresh save, as well, so I know that's not the issue. Yes, I encountered the problem myself, but fortunately that's not an issue with the mod. The script files for the extras jump from the Ep9 extras directly to the ending.

Anyway an updated version with the issue fixed was added to the OP! Reactions: Fitzgerald. Jun 15, 41 Hmm rar is bad. Tried extracting both of the rars mega and attached and tried them both on my Mac and my phone. Doesn't extract. Tried online extractor, doesn't work either. Sth went wrong during the compression. Please re-compress and re. Also, have an excellent day.

I tried to unpack the rar file on two of my systems and I don't have any issues on either one of them.

The rar file is fine, at least on Windows. I'd test it myself, but because I don't have a Mac or Apple device in general, I can't test the file. Cosidious New Member. Feb 8, 2 0.

Fission Mailed Active Member Modder. Nov 27, Cosidious said:.

MrMercy New Member. Jan 15, 3 5. Oh my god What I do is I choose option Help me please lol. Jul 3, 6 7. MrMercy said:. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Dreams of desire landlady

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Dreams Of Desire Landlady