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Being a DIK v0. They both are included in a ZIP file. Extract the files from the archive 3. Install the APK file. Do not open it because you need to do one more step. You will also get from the zip file a folder usually named in. Give the game storage permission if needed.

Edited: corrected Sage preference for whiskey neat no mix, no ice. Preferences — Slider to dr pinkcake the opacity of the text box — Slider to change the font size. It can be turned off in Preferences and is only active for a subset of free roam events starting episode 6. Text legibility is improved by enabling this mode, dr pinkcake you will get centered text and a low opacity black text box when playing the game. Fixed a bug that occasionally caused cheating in English mini-games to fail. Fixed a bug causing a line being drawn over art when Maya holds a list and changed those renders to fix windowed mode misalignment.

Tweaked the timer for the painting mini-game. Added supporters to the credits list. You can now use whitespace space in the save names. Updated the Chat and Swyper apps chat interface. When you unlock new gallery pictures in Swyper, the main menu of Swyper will show indicators for it. Swapped the end credits for a code-based variant. Changed the backend calculation of unlocked renders. Corrected typos.

Launch the game. If the main menu shows v0. NB: hotspots are bright pink, additional arrow added to a couple which are hard to spot. Dining room: Blue magazine on floor between overturned couch and waste-paper basket in front of Nick. The patch will upgrade your game from v0. Patch instructions are included in the.

Delete your mod files first if you use mod then update your game and apply your mod again mod still work for v0. Please try to solve this problem? A: Download This Saves Here. Update Only v0. You need at least 10GB to install the game. This is a very high-end game of 15GB. I managed to compress it within 2GB.

But still requires a high-end GPU. If you find any errors still, I am sorry. Play on PC. Thanks and Sorry. Cheats menu is bottom far right. I pursue Sage as my Love Interest along with every side chick possible. Total Man-Whore. I pursue Sage as my Love Interst.

I also embrace the current throuple relationship with the 2 LoveInterests, Maya and Josy. Only Maya. Only Josy. I pursue the 2 best friend Love Interests, Jill and Bella. I pursue only Jill as my Love Interest. I pursue only Bella as my Love Dr pinkcake. It will fix it!! in. Log into your .

Forgot your password? Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Recover your password. Tuesday, July 20, Get help. NEW Latest Ongoing. Treasure of Nadia [v. Hermaphrodity and the Mystery of the Missing Specimens [v0. Casting Director [v0. Kronos Time Titan [v0. Fantasy Trainer [v1.

Paprika Trainer [v1. Timestamps — Chapter 1: Unconditional Love [v1. Acting Lessons [v1. Corrupted Kingdoms [vv0.

Secret Care Cafe [v0. Thirsty for My Guest [Ep. Give the game storage permission if needed 6. Play The Game! Vault Codes. HOT Party Drinks. The quick menu is dr pinkcake treated locally instead of as a persistent variable, meaning that you need to set your preference in every game you start. Unofficial Patch. This patch will only work for v0. Android Touch Screen for Brawler. Instead of pressing a key, you have to touch one of the 4 parts respectively.

Just like this. DIK 1 Library, main room with window: right-most book on top of bookcase near window. Download For MAC 0. How to Update. Select "Yes" to overwrite any old files. If it doesn't show v0. Download For MAC. Download For Walkthrough EP Every save, for every route, for Episodes Version 0. NO mods. Mini games turned ON. All scenes unlocked. All special renders found.

Mansion Repair Completed by end of Episode 7 for all routes. All save files contain the following routes. Update Only. Spoiler title. And In-game phone icon is top left of screen — same place it is when you see notification pop up. Download For Fullsave EP 5. Download For Full Animations. Download For Walkthrough EP Download For Walkthrough EP5. Download For Fullsave. Download For Android. Download For Unofficial Patch. Bound by Lust [v0. Tales Of Androgyny [ v0. A New Dawn [v3. College Kings [v Hillside [v0.

Dr pinkcake

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