Divine arms v1.96

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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter Bloo Start date Dec 3, 2d game 2dcg anal sex combat fantasy female protagonist graphic violence monster rape tentacles vaginal sex. Discussion Reviews 4. Aug 18, 2, 23, Overview: Divine Arms is a tale of celestial personas. Their universe formed when the Stellar Titans Ribolg and Maelia had an epic sexual encounter. Their sweat formed ice and comets. Their moans produced black holes and radiation. Each clash from their heavenly bodies created super clusters.

After billions of light-years of endless intercourse, their climatic big bang basically gave birth to their universe, Maribolgka. The event also spawned an infinite of celestial beings. And these entities have been at constant war with each other. In the infinite factions, we center the story of Divine Arms to a certain celestial clan known as the Featheration. Bear with me. It's part of divine arms v1.96 story.

The Featheration is a race of winged celestials. We can reference them to angels and they have recently created the Marionette Drive. The Marionette Drive is a special Divine Armament that functions like a remote control. And in the many s of the multiverse, ours is the closest to Maribolgka. The chosen puppeteer is you, on Earth, and basically, the Marionette Drive is your mouse and keyboard. You get to control an aspiring Celestial Diviner named Sigil Aetherwink. Artist is Casch. Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content.

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Divine arms v1.96

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