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Forums New posts Search dark wanderer forum. What's new New posts New media New media comments. Media New media New comments Search media. Log in Register. Search titles only. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Thread starter maherwoman Start date Oct 10, Net Member. When I went into the Spider Forest for the first time, the first "monster" I encountered was something called a Dark Wanderer.

I first tried to shoot my Fire Ball at the guy, but when I highlighted him with my mouse, I saw that he had no life to him. When I got closer, he discinegrated into about four little monsters, which I then promptly killed with my fire ball. My husband, who's also an avid DiabloII player, and has been in Act III for a bit now, mentioned that he hasn't come across nor ever heard of this monster. Anyone have any information about him?

I've encountered a River Stalker large snake-like creature that lives in the water and shoots poison at you from a distanceand have had NO success in lowering his life in the least. Is this a monster that cannot be killed? Or does fire not affect him? Thanks for answering my questions, guys! Garrell Diabloii.

I think the dark wanderer is supossed to resemble diablo going to get meph or something Theres nothing special about him though, so dont worry, you didnt miss anything. The river stalkers can be killed by fireball I think, mabey you just missed or something. AnimeCraze Diabloii. Dark wanderer only appears once per difficulty. He is the guy who killed Diablo in D1, and who is also now the new diablo. River stalker should be very easily dispatched by fireballs. Edit: Those things the dark wanderer throws out? You will see a lot more of them in act 4.

They are flesh beasts, which can be created by flesh spawners. Garrell said:. If you are playing on battle. If you are playing single player, it's probably you hit something in front of the tentacle beast, which happens with those things quite a bit.

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