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Hololive stylized as "hololive" is an all-female virtual YouTuber group managed by Hololive Production, which itself is owned and operated by Cover Corp. As of the end danbooru popularthe group consists of 43 virtual YouTubers divided across 3 major branches: the original Hololive sometimes referred to as Hololive JapanHololive Indonesiaand Hololive English and Hololive China which was disbanded. Each branch is further divided into multiple generations, where each generation is a batch of VTubers who debuted at the same time.

Hololive Production also manages the music label INoNaKa Music which may or may not be regarded as a part of Hololive Japan and the all-male counterpart group Holostars. In FebruaryCover announced Hololive Alternativea multimedia project including a twitter manga and music video that aims to tell in-universe stories using the Hololive vtubers' character backstories.

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Danbooru popular

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