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We can see the outside easily enough, and now Cytherea has finally taken the reigns of her own web presence. I was born September 27, to a poor, single, 18 year old mom. She got married when I was a year old, and I now have three sisters and one brother.

I was a real dork when I was in school. I had pink glasses. One of my eyes needed a much stronger prescription than the other, so one lens was always much thicker than the other, and my eyes looked like they were different sizes. I also permed just my bangs to see if perming worked. I became more outgoing and even ed the Pink Cougars Cheerleading squad. I also did the MC Hammer dance for a school show!

My mom always said I was an ugly duckling and would grow into my looks. She was right. I grew out my perm and ditched my glasses in Junior High.

Then I began dating the most popular boys in school. Overall high school was OK. Mostly I slipped under the radar. My favorite class was shop, because I was one of the only girls! Cytherea now did well in that class, but hated home ec. I still suck at sewing!

I met Brian my ex from when I was first in the business when I was dancing in Vegas. He promised to show me the ocean. I started my own Yahoo group fairly quickly, posting naked photos of myself like a lot of girls do. When Belladonna attacked me, I knew I wanted to make Adult films!

I loved hosting my KSEX show, too. I pretty much just walked into the studio one day and was given a show. Then, as you may have heard, Brian and I had a very bad breakup. My life got a lot happier after that move. I actually met my husband when I was dating his buddy, if you can believe that. When he met me he ran outside and came back 20 minutes later with one of my DVDs.

My guy helped cytherea now move again and roadied for me when I was Feature dancing. It was tough for me to keep clean and sober, but he helped me stay straight though good times and bad. We got married in San Francisco, and I got pregnant the first night of our honeymoon as near as I can tell! After moving from state to state for a few years I had Baby Two.

My wonderful fans bought photos, paid for web cam shows, and donated money so I could get a boob job and tummy tuck. Now my body is back in tip top shape! Hey, you might even enjoy the new boobs. Who knew? I am going to have the sexiest, nastiest, squirting-est web site in the world. So hang on tight and explore it with me! Ask me anything you want.

Cytherea now

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