Crazy mom walkthrough text

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Carmel Games' Crazy Dad has gotten a lot of flak for being In this short and silly point-and-click adventureCrazy Mom is trying to throw a party to celebrate her 15th anniversary with dear old dotty dad, and all she needs are a few final things to make this shindig complete. Of course, since this is a Carmel Games title, things are going to be a little weirder than your average trip to the party supply store.

To play, just click to interact with people or items when your cursor changes as it passes over things, and remember to try combining any items you're carrying if you get stuck. Crazy Mom actually seems a lot more reasonable than Crazy Dad, or at least just a lot less prone to fits of uncontrollable roller-derby like rage, but hey Play Crazy Mom.

Attach the necklace to the mammoth's tail, then go for your life.

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Crazy Mom. Currently 3. Platform: Flash : adventurebrowsercarmelgamesflashfreegameplaythispointandclickpuzzlerating-g. Comments 2 Views 20, Well that was silly, which is standard for a Carmel Games release. Something I got stuck on enough that I needed to consult the walkthrough: How to get the scissors from the museum security guard?

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Crazy mom walkthrough text

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