Coc sphinx riddles

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Install the app. Fort marrok locked chest. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Zach Crimson Well-Known Member. Aug 10, 91 2 Has anyone figured out the code for the locked chest in fort marrok on the second floor cause i'm coc sphinx riddles at riddles and if the answer is the answer to one of the riddles then i'm screwed.

Zach Crimson said:. Click to expand Aug 27, 1, 2, In retrospect, I really shouldn't have taken a riddle from a repository, even for what was pretty much a testing system. Such things tend to be shared I'll have to come up with some original ones for future chests. Mar 17, You kids today don't know how good ya got it.

With your internets and easy riddles, back in the olden days ya had to type words a minute, speak a second language, and be a fucking riddle master. And don't get me started on those god damn quizzes, all that just for one peepee touch. May 27, 2, 1, Southeast USA. Next patch has a mock SAT when you launch the game that you have to get at least a on or the game locks up. BubbleLord Scientist Creator.

Jun 24, 3, 1, Upcast Drake said:. The Observer said:. Athena Guest. Was that the chest where you had to input 4 letters? Athena said:. Nathilio Well-Known Member. Jun 21, 66 7 Last edited: Aug 14, Gothamson Well-Known Member. Apr 13, Anyone remember the riddles in Spellhold? Hated it just hated it. Gothamson said:. Spellhold is a mage prison coc sphinx riddles one room has a bunch of riddles. The more you answer coc sphinx riddles the less challenging it is to get out. You can actually skip most of the dungeon.

Never mind i searched online and found the answer. Tristan Black Well-Known Member. Feb 18, Really enjoy the wordlock chests. The loot's guaranteed quality, and the challenge of solving a small riddle makes it satisfying to crack one open. And as a bonus, we can't be locked out of them as long as we can still reach one. Stemwinder Well-Known Member. Jun 15, That's a fun disparity between older games and modern ones. Back then the infamously divisive attitude was that games could test not just your reflexes or your ability to remember patterns but your reasoning and interpretive ability what riddles generally test, in other words.

Even horror games like Silent Hill had some very complex puzzles in them if you chose to play it on higher difficulties. Now puzzle games are divorced into their own niche and any attempt at throwing a puzzle into a game that isn't about puzzles will keep it super easy. Tristan Black said:. Good riddles are like that. Shura Well-Known Member. Apr 15, The one in the Cultist Dungeon though had me fumbling a bit before I managed to deduce what would fit in the lock my initial guesses were on the right track; just had to figure out what word is the rightlol. Still no idea? Yeah, sorry, not straight up giving the answer out.

Come on, you can do it! Reactions: Timcanpy. Leepteep Guest. Leepteep said:. The answer doesn't really make any sense within the context the riddle.

How does it not make sense? It makes perfect sense when you figure it out.

You just need to know a little science. The answer does not make sense if you understand the science.

If the answer was "tide" or "the tides" then it would make sense, but as it stands it requires too much a roundabout way of thinking about it. The wording of the riddle makes it sound like you're referring to something CREATED by the Moon and "dying" when it gets to "land" from space, when clearly you meant that it dies when it gets to land, which is sort of a dumb way of thinking about it, since what the answer is DOESN'T die when it reaches land, the answer is an entire motion, multiple arcs in sequence, not just a single half-arc, which is what would "die" when it hits shore.

It really is one of those "bruh just turn your brain off" riddles, cause when you don't think about it in depth at all it does make sense. Reactions: MalidicaQualityCuntrolLibelous and 5 others.

Koshka Well-Known Member. Oct 2, No one has ever said "wow that's a huge half arc coming in". Reactions: loricd. Dafuq Guest. Reactions: LibelousSavin and Balaknightfang. NuttyTree New Member. Apr 29, 4 2 Shura said:. Post reply. Insert quotes…. Top Bottom.

Coc sphinx riddles

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