Centaur futa

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Feb 22, The fact that the futa centaur has an extra front dick bothers me. It makes her look janky. Part of the fun of a futa centauress is the contrast between the two portions. The normal feminine upper half and the rutting, powerful, animalistic bottom half. I know it may seem strange as an artist to leave an entire womanly torso doing almost nothing.

But the mere fact that this is possible is hot. The centaurress can ruin human orifaces while looking relatively unexerted. And finally getting her hot and bothered enough to get a larger reaction makes it all the hotter. As it stands the topcock just looks clowny. What shape of animal is this creature even supposed to put it in?

What could possibly take both dicks at once? If that style of centaur is featured anymore in the work I can't see myself following this peice. Last edited: Jun 8, Azgueila Active Member. Jan 9, Boyim said:. And finally getting her hot an bothered enough to get a larger reaction makes it all the hotter.

Spoiler: The truth You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Centaur futa in or register now. Reactions: deviantfiend and cooldude Apr 22, 1, I don't wont die in the end of the game, I prefer stil alive an go back home, If we choise help them, this choise we make we can have the good ending. Reactions: passiveDragon and cooldude Archiepiscopus Newbie.

Mar 18, 50 Looks pretty promising, Alek has been getting better and better. Jun 9, 1, What the hell does a "sensual death" entail, exactly? I can understand a "sexy death" like death by snu snu, but I can't imagine any way to die could ever be considered "sensual.

Reactions: Altimos and cooldude Sep 24, May 14, Rasori Member. Oct 7, Does anyone by chance have the full version of the game? Reactions: gregodagonka15 and CableX. Sep 1, Well as muscle woman fan i can't be picky too and i'm talking about real muscles not just a 6 pack with stick arms and legs. Hell most of the time its toned abs instead of a 6 pack too. And those centaurs do look quiet buff. Reactions: grego and waldo1.

Dec 23, Reactions: gregoCafehciderapple and 6 others. Jan 21, Jun 5, 4, 8, Aug 20, Samken said:. Oh boy Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Raff Newbie. Feb 6, 55 As someone who's both seen and been inside of horse pussy. May 17, 6 4. Reactions: Nobodyyyy centaur futa Rasori. Mystikos Member Game Developer. Apr 17, Yes, finally! More futanari centaur content! The internet is like a wasteland regarding good futanari centaur stuff. This will be a great addition to my collection.

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Centaur futa

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