Cara delvigne nude

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Cara Delevingne. Last November, Cara Delevingne was named model of the year at the British Fashion Awards—and the prize was well earned. But the title hardly seems sufficient for the many moods and manifestations of Cara Delevingne. She gives you 5, percent when she gets there and like the best deers, Delevingne gives what you want before you even know you wanted it. I mean, this has been really tough. The energy you give off is the energy you receive.

No, but that kind of person is the nicest person to have around. No, but this month has been amazing: the cover of Love and the cover of British Voguewith two of three of the most amazing photographers, in my opinion.

Yeah, unbelievable. The first campaign I did was Burberry, and that was Mario. We have a very, very close relationship. Every time I go on holiday, we seem to have the same schedule. And so I always stay with him for a little bit. This is, I think, the craziest industry. I mean, I love it.

All of the stories. I was into playing Legos and running around naked and running around in my garden and playing with my animals. I had no interest in fashion when I was younger. I was such a tomboy. I loved soccer, as you call it, or sports in general. The first time I was a bridesmaid, to my auntie, I refused cara delvigne nude go down the aisle without my football shorts underneath my dress. My mum would try to dress me up in dresses and I hated it! My sisters were both very girly, so I was just really not into clothes.

It took me a long time to try to wear clothes; I used to go into the supermarket and take off all my clothes and run away from my mom because I thought it was funny. I was very that kind of. It was always about fantasy for me.

Dressing up as characters. I always have that in my mind: What am I cara delvigne nude out looking to do? And sometimes that can be bad. When I was younger, I loved to entertain people. I always used to make up dance routines, do little plays.

I love to perform, basically. Music, as well, is a passion of mine. I probably annoy people because I sing all the time on the streets. And I play the drums and I play the guitar. I mean, your sister [Poppy] does it too. But I think, yeah, the way it took off, I did not expect. It was definitely not a ripple in my mind. I just never thought it was going to happen like this. I think about things way too much. Ignorance is totally bliss. I just spiral. I find that fun, to be playing with the boys in the mud and that kind of stuff.

I love comfort. And maybe Prime Minister. Maybe your late twenties for that. So can you think of anything I should ask you? Are my eyebrows real? I had an eyebrow transplant. I should change something. Get in trouble or something like that. Like a jumpsuit. I have really good ideas. Who the hell knows? I used to want to invent things. View Full Images.

Cara delvigne nude

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