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My first submission so I hope you enjoy! I love this by the way! Youre still tired, and shift a bit, trying to fall back asleep, but a wandering hand causes your eyes to flutter open. Smirking, you roll over to face your boyfriend, and smile at him. He smiles and kisses you. Sighing contentedly, you nod and kiss him back as his hand pushes your shirt up and kne your breasts, making you moan.

You feel him smirk against your lips, and you smile back.

You love it. He pushes himself up and half pins you under him, one hand roving from your breast down to the hem of your shirts. You arch your back in anticipation as he stuffs his fingers into you, gently messaging your clit.

Soon, you start whimpering and panting, writhing against his touch. Instead, he presses your legs further apart, and lines himself up with your entrance. You can feel the hot head of his cock just barely pressing into you, and you want to feel it all the way inside of you. You moan, but stay still, knowing his rule. He slides his large hands up your inner thighs, and you shiver. You gasp. He suddenly slams the rest of himself inside of you, and you scream. It feels so good. He slowly starts sliding in and out of you, kissing your neck.

He slides his hand over your stomach. Instinctually, you lock his hips against yours with your legs. He groans, and grabs your chin, making you look him in the eyes. His thrusts are steady, and his voice stern. He licks a stripe between your breasts. Everyone will know.

And over. His cock twitched inside of you, sending you over the edge.

You cried out, and your Pussy spasmed greedily around his member. Wiping the sweat from his forehead, he grinned down at you, and withdrew his cock with a wet pop. You felt his seed slowly run between your thighs and onto the sheets. It was a delicious feeling. You hummed contently and pulled him to you, kissing him.

He tangled his fingers in your hair, and pulled back with a grin. Posts Archive. He pulled you to his chest, and whispered. Oh my god this is so fucking hot!

Hell yes!

Breeding women tumblr

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