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There it was again. That fucking scent. Clark groaned and took a deep breath in unconsciously ,smelling it, tasting the air on his tongue, wanting to lap up the delicious scent. It tasted like maple syrup yet smelt completely different fresh and succulent like cool spring air. Young and new. He shuddered at the thought.

It was driving him wild like no other, normally he could block them out but not this one No,six weeks. Weeks he had been teased by it coming into the daily planet. But Clark did. He had to endure it constantly day in day out. The scent was always worse in the lobby where everyone entered the building. Each morning he came in scanning the people around him looking for a new face, more desperate each day to find the omega. After enduring the scent for so long he was determined to find the culprit. To find his omega. To mount and breed them. Sighing as he walked to the elevator not finding them once again disappointment ran through him he shook his head taking one last gulp of air trying to capture the scent he stepped in the elevator.

Just as he went to close the doors he smelt them. He saw her. Other alphas were sniffing around breeding alpha tumblr as she walked past them through the lobby head down watching her feet as she scurried quickly across the space heading for a door that he knew lead to the mail room below she faltered quickly bringing her head up scanning the crowd before catching him looking at her. She gulped as she locked eyes on him then all but flung herself past the door out of sight.

The doors closed but he stood frozen. She had seen him. His chest swelled. His omega had looked at him. She wanted him, her alpha. For a second he stood shocked then quickly threw himself at the buttons smashing the open door button willing it to open and let him go and find her, alas it was to late he was already scaling the building to his floor. He took a breath closing his eyes picturing her She was gorgeous, around average height dark auburn nearly brown hair piled atop her hair in a messy bun she was slim.

But not to slim and breeding alpha tumblr and hourglass shape wide hips.

Meant for breeding. And her breeding alpha tumblr a dark hazel freckles dusting her face. He clenched his hand around the briefcase he held, as images of mating her, knotting her took hold he grunted hearing a crunch as the hard plastic handle gave under the pressure. He swore. The doors opened revealing the office he panted a few breaths trying to compose himself he walked through the office to his desk dropping into his seat running his palms across his face smoothing his hair back before dropping them by his sides. Lois approached him warily seeing him tensed and almost flighty.

Hell no. Alphas became aggressive if another alpha brought it up. Especially him of all people. His blood was burning in his veins, his reaction was unlike any other. It was instant and he knew somewhere deep down that he would not be concentrating today. Out of sight out of mind. Of course Lois was right in a sense.

Lois took a step back at the warning, Clark squared his shoulders the thought of his omega leaving agitated him. I can scent her from nearly 11 stories up? It took a great amount of control not to flash his eyes at the alpha female in front of him.

She backed up unconsciously but continued. If shes your one claim her and get it over with. Clark was on his feet in front of her before she could register it bending down getting in breeding alpha tumblr face. And snarled low and dangerous, what ever courage Lois had fled as he glared at her menacingly. Lois raised her head instantly worried forgetting her frustration breeding alpha tumblr a moment more concerned about him. She took a deep breath picking up on the s. Quickly she got up and went to him.

He leaned over to retrieve his case but she spun him pushing him to the elevators. Mean while you was down stairs panicking. Your one true alpha. You took deep breaths once you reached your office. Sitting down unsteady on your feet. You gasped feeling yourself heating up. It was different. Very strange normally scents had one or two underlying tones his was a mix of many all intertwining in to one deep clean airy scent.

You panted cringing as you began to sweat lightly. That was probably the cause. You just leaned forward cupping your tummy as the first pulses began in your abdomen muscles twitching beginning the first twinges of pain, you cried out panicked, it was never this fast, a normal heat took at least 24hours to sink in and reach this point. You thanked her again and headed out of the office scaling the stairs to the lobby scuttling out as fast as you could aiming to head home as quick as you could before you got any worse.

You felt the stares you noted the few alphas scattered about taking deep drags of air into themselves, drinking in your scent before slowly heading in your direction. You whimpered as you raced through he main doors nearly staggering as you made your way down the road as you flushed hot and needy.

Jumping into the uber telling the driver your address as he pulled out into the street. He looked at you threw the rare view mirror. This was cut short as she replied understanding you, being an alpha with an omega daughter she knew what it was like you huffed in relief as she calmed you down reassuring you that it was fine she instructed you to stay where you was until she called you an uber to be safe and take all the time you needed, you nodded thanking her before hanging up.

You groaned with your head between your knees crying as the pain came crashing over like waves. Dread filled when you saw you were still down town. Even with the traffic you should have been out in the residential area. You gulped at the look on his face. Slowly reaching for the handle of the door only for it to be locked. You shivered. You twisted screaming as loud as you could.

Then the door behind your head was ripped clean off you car you yelped cringing as you heard breeding alpha tumblr metal twist and tear just beside your head tumbling out of the car, being caught before touching the asphalt and sat on the roof of the car so quick it made you dizzy before you could even glance at who had saved you. You heard the screams of your would be rapist shouting panicked as he was dragged violently out of the car.

Crying you moved to cover yourself tugging the shirt around yourself looking forward you saw superman clutching the alphas neck hoisting up to his eye level eyes flashing a dangerous red, hinting to the power simmering just below the surface shoulders heaving with every breath and his jaw clenched boiling anger was written across his stance. The alpha pleaded with him. The kryptonian glanced at you before snarling in the other alphas face low and terrifying. You placed your hands on the metal below you sliding backwards making the decision to leave your bag that stuff could be replaced.

Keeping both of them in your sight, gasping quietly as you dropped to your feetbuckling as another cramp clutched a your insides. In your state of panic you forgot one of breeding alpha tumblr most important things every omega should know. If your caught by an alpha in the middle of a heat Do.

Run an alpha that wants to pursue you, will chase, they relished in it the hunt. You moved slow at first backing away from the car then as you made your way further from them once you got a good twenty feet you turned and ran down a small one way road leading in the direction of home.

You hoped. He took the opportunity to quickly scoop you up taking off so fast the air was sucked from your lungs you couldnt breath instead puffing out desperate tiny breaths. He headed straight for home. You groaned weakly at him trying desperatly to breath, tapping him as you managed sharp breaths when you could smelling him, he smelt familiar and unique almost like your mate but not quite the same.

Breeding alpha tumblr

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