Breeders haven reconception

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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter whiskeyrose Start date Nov 30, animated corruption male protagonist management mind control pregnancy real porn simulator text based. Discussion Reviews 3. Prev 1 … Go to. First Prev 9 of 11 Go to. Aug 16, The game Incubus City has an Breeders haven reconception that lists down the names of the pornstars featured in the game; maybe you could do something similar?

IIRC the latter two also have links to the pornstars' media, so that could save you some trouble. Jul 23, I did just finish Incubus City, which really puts anything I've ever done to shame. I think the difference is in Incubus city, the dev changed the names of all the characters, where as I keep the full name of the actresses which in an easy google. I would be hesitant to have a direct link, in case they notice the traffic and investigate the game. So I've actually made some decent headway into planning and starting the initial building blocks of a new Breeder's Haven.

While its still well within the "living and dying on my flash drive; never seeing the light of day. The sequel will have a similar concept, in that for whatever reason males are mostly dead and as a result you as on of the few living males take over an area as a haven administrative leader with the role of making administrative choices, managing the haven, and mostly fucking your residents. Like with the game, players will interact with residents in various ways, usually resulting in breeders haven reconception of some kind.

These interactions will be divisive, with your actions pushing a character one way or the other along a path each time you meet with them. The goal is to make the characters feel more organic, by directly reacting to whatever it is you do to them rather than having repeatable actions that modify a variable.

For example, in the game lore you still retain the right to have sex with whomever you please whenever you please. However, that doesn't mean that every resident appreciates some stranger forcing them into sex the first meeting. Maybe the schoolteacher you nut inside within 5 minutes of shaking hands doesn't appreciate seeing you again.

In contrast, if you get to know her and breeders haven reconception in her class a little before crushing some puss maybe she might appreciate you more. But the bottom line is your actions will push each character into very different directions.

Additionally, I want characters to react to the players actions within their sphere of awareness. I want your actions to drastically affect other characters. I want paths to unlock, be blocked, or be forced based on actions with other residents. At the end of the game, the player will get an epilogue for each character in the haven.

Also, if they unlocked any achievements they will be given points to use as bonuses for the next playthrough, as to exactly how or what I'm still figuring out. Tech points and funds will make a return. I'm not sure exactly how this will work in game, as I want the player to somehow have to work towards a goal and have some sort of challenge aside from "Fuck as many people as you can. I want to give the player freedom to nut wherever he goddamn pleases when having sex with someone, but at the same time having a writing focus on impregnation Because this is my goddamn fetish and my goddamn game.

The current issue I'm facing with resource management, is I'm trying to make them scarce and tied to events.

I need the player to think about what resources they have available, making choices in events difficult and meaningful. But at the same time I don't want resources to be a stupid grindfest. This is a lewd game and any breeders haven reconception that don't lead to sex of some kind must be minimized.

Tech points and funds will be used for upgrades again. I'm on the fence as to how upgrades will work exactly however. Do I want certain residents locked behind upgrades, or do I want the whole roster available from the get-go? Do I want all upgrades avaialbe to purchase, or should they be locked behind progress with certain residents? The bottom line however, is that I missed what I was going for when making Breeders Haven.

I wanted to simulate a fantasy of having conception sex with tons of beautiful women. But with such a huge case and repetitive mechanics I missed the mark, as it none of the residents were special from one another aside from a webm animation. My hope with the new project is that it really feels like living out the fantasy with organic characters, rather than robots with stats. Anyway, I just wanted to get my ideas out somewhere since I don't have a blog. I wouldn't get your hopes up for anytime soon, but we'll see. Reactions: l44rtGasaicloudfw and 8 others. Feb 19, Maybe you could write wider-scale events happening every X or Y turns- maybe on Turn 25 a plague breaks out at a nearby Haven, and you have to contribute to saving it; maybe you send some Science points their way to help manufacture a cure, focus your Economy points towards buying supplies, use Culture points to educate their people on do's and don'ts, or just house their would-be rescuers with Recreation points.

Maybe fewer characters with deeper, more involved storylines? I'm not good at the computers, but if you're worried about people not finding characters to their taste, maybe you could make it so that people can choose from certain pornstars for certain roles, maybe to 'star' as each character?

That way you could also tailor certain events to certain characters. Or, if I may quote myself from breeders haven reconception :.

Reactions: congamensch and shiddily. Wacky Woohoo Pizza Man Member. Reactions: F9Zoney. Aug 5, Two things that really felt like a set back, was there was no sense of "completion". It became less of a porn game and more of a grind fest to get to "collect" more and more residents. Maybe add a "story mode" with limited turns and a sand-box mode where you can go on forever if you want? Love your games and really looking forward the upcoming one! Funnily enough, the original Breeder's Haven DID have limited turns, and had multiple endings based on breeders haven reconception your stats were built from your residents.

But people complained about not being able to go at their own pace and collect everyone, so Whiskey changed it in Reconception, to what it is now, lol. Difficulty modes would be a great way to set time limits, I think. The latter method would be quite a bit of work though, because you'd really want to be sure that in order to reach that milestone, a player should have learned the skills they need to pass said milestone challenge. At that point, you're not making a fap game, you're making Dick Souls.

Reactions: Amariithynar and Vlad Bleublut. Feb 11, 13 9. So, since you are planning a new project, is this game is now finished rather than "on hold"? Tinuss Member. Mar 31, Tinuss said:. Wait, it has limited turns?

I am at turn 66 and have all T3 upgrades, girls, 3. How far does it go? Squib Member. Aug 1, That is the goal with this new project. A much smaller roster, with the core gameplay being interactions with residents.

Breeders haven reconception

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Breeders Haven: Reconception