Big city campus walkthrough

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You will see fascinating scenes depicting many famous destinations, earn mementos, collect postcards and be given many interesting facts about the city and its unique history. Before embarking on your journey through New York City it is a good idea to become familiar with the controls and features of the game.

Opening the menu will allow you to go back to the main menu, continue the round or access options. Under options you can control the settings, such as volume, brightness and music. Once you start a round you will see a box with a list of 12 words. These are the objects hidden in the picture that you will have to find. Click on the objects once you have located them. Each round also has a zoom location. Once you find it, an additional scene will show up and two more hidden objects have to be found in it. You will know when you have found the zoom location as it will be sparkle and glow whenever the cursor is on it.

Keep in mind that if you repeat a level or start it over for any reason that the hidden objects are randomized each time that you do. However, the zoom location for each round will always be in the same spot. To help you along the way you will collect bonus coins that can be collected in the scenes. Like the zoom locations, the bonus coins are always found in the same spot. A maximum of five coins can be kept at a time, but once used more can be collected in the next round. Available coin types are hint, fast forward, time and score and skip. The hint ones will help you find hidden objects you are having trouble locating.

The fast forward coins highlight many hidden objects at once for you. Time coins grant you extra time. Score coins give you more points for that round. Skip coins are earned by completing mini-games and when you have enough you can opt to skip over a mini-game and get right to finding hidden objects. This will only skip over the score tallying at the end of the round. You will not lose any points by choosing this option. The game is successfully completed once you have found all 60 mementos.

After receiving a memento, you can also go back and play that round again. Extras in the game include postcards and learning about New York City through various facts provided about it. Instead of achievements, this game has high scores. You must turn them so that they connect and form a road through the puzzle. They are circled big city campus walkthrough yellow. The blue bonus objects remove all tiles in one line and the red ones remove from two lines.

Find the two objects there. If you need to start over there is a reset button located in the upper left corner of the screen. Once it opens find the two hidden objects. Match the tiles to remove them from the board. The game is won once you uncover and match the two golden star tiles.

Find the two objects. You will know if you can click on the piece by the black border surrounding it. They are circled in blue. Find the two objects hidden in the Zoom scene. Complete the picture by correctly placing the puzzle pieces. Find the two objects in that scene. You will have to match pairs of tiles. The joker can be used to remove any pair of tiles. The tiles are always randomized so the game will always be different.

Find the two big city campus walkthrough in the Zoom location. Just match pairs to remove them from the board until none remain. Find the two objects hidden in it. You can start over by using the reset button in the upper left corner.

Big city campus walkthrough

In order to win you have to find and match the two tiles with golden stars on them. Continue until all tiles have been removed. The blue one removes tiles on the same line and the red one removes tiles from two lines. After connecting a road segment to the starting or finishing point the outer border will turn white. When they match they are removed from the board. Continue until all are gone. The joker can be used to remove any pair you want from the board. Click on matching tiles to remove them and continue until the board is cleared.

Open it and find the two hidden objects. They are circled in green. Round 49 — St. Find the two objects hidden inside it. Locate the two hidden objects in it. Open it and locate the two hidden objects. Round 77 — Subway — Start with a jigsaw puzzle mini-game.

Big city campus walkthrough

They can be clicked on if the border is black. Round 84 — Ellis Island — Start with a jigsaw puzzle mini-game.

Big city campus walkthrough

Round 85 — Evolution Store. Round 86 — Restaurant Row. Continue until all the tiles are gone. Round 88 — Statue of Liberty. Locate the two objects hidden in that scene. Round 89 — Brooklyn Bridge — Play the matching star tiles mini-game. This concludes your trip through one of the greatest cities in the world. If you found the tips and tricks from this walkthrough to be helpful, please take a look at our other guides. These include:. Elven Legend 2 — The Bewitched Tree walkthrough. Goosebumps — The Game Walkthrough. By Bodie Cambert On January 12,

Big city campus walkthrough

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Big City Campus