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For over 12 years, BestGore.

Bestgore. com

The founder of the website has moved on to pursue different endeavors. Change, as they say, is the only constant in life. Remember: Just when the caterpillar thought its world was over, it turned into a butterfly! I'd like to thank each and every one of you for years of support and making Best Gore the best website on the internet. To get in touch: bestgore [at] protonmail. At nearly 30 years old, it seems a little crazy to be alive.

Bestgore. com

There were so many times when I thought about suicide. I swore I wouldn't let myself live past 25 if my life didn't improve. It didn't, but I kept going. Sometimes when I was feeling particularly worthless and hopeless, I would visit BestGore. People don't talk about pain and suffering truthfully. Sometimes all our society seems to want to do is hide, ignore, and lie. Through the content on the site, I was able to see how good I actually had it.

I had a family, talents, and smarts all my limbs intact and my guts on the inside of my body that I was letting go to waste. I even witnessed a recording of someone committing suicide on your site. I can't fully describe how effective that scene has been in preventing my own suicide throughout my years. He looked so emotionless and somehow so alone.

He clearly was undergoing severe psychological distress, but he was helpless to realize it. It was senseless and left such a void. Before seeing it, I had imagined suicide to be some grand jesture. I refused to think of it as it really was. BestGore allowed me to see it for the empty, meaningless and lonely act that it is.

I totally agree. I'm a father, bestgore. com worker, a student psychology and a traveler. I will always be all of them, always been well, a father only since I like people. I live in London where there's a fantastic mixture of cultures, and many times I used what I learned from bestgore, in various discussions about human behaviors.

It was healthy: it proved how real we are, also in our darkest personal and collective imagination. We have it inside us, somehow, and it really exists out there, somewhere. I don't think it's for all, and maybe that's why you've been persecuted: those who are already, bestgore. com unconsciously, filled up of gore, cannot handle its representation. Er ist aus Xinjiang, wir haben vor zwei Monaten geheiratet.

Bestgore. com

Der Zweck der E-Mail an Sie zu senden ist, Ihnen zu danken, weil Bestgore bestgore. com meinen Mann treffen lassen, und es ist sehr hilfreich, meine Schizophrenie zu heilen. I would like to start by saying thank you. Thank you for creating Bestgore, thank you for hosting it for so long, thank you for sharing this adventure with us. Bestgore. com am a young Frenchman who is about to the active life, and Bestgore has been, in my eyes, one of the greatest journalistic libraries in the world.

As you said, the truth disturbs the powers that be. George Orwell wrote: "In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. And Bestgore brought that truth, the one that is not shown to us in the media, who want to sell us a peaceful world in the center of ourselves and who work to hide the pure and shattering truth that our world goes through every moment. We all remember the Collateral Murder video, published by WikiLeaks inshowing cold executions by the U. A war against terrorism, where WikiLeaks with its files has identified 66 civilian deaths out of And when this video bestgore.

com published, the American government tried to censor it. It cowardly arrested and convicted Chelsea Manning, because Manning revealed the truth for all to see, without any editing or falsification, the sad truth that we were finally able to form an opinion based on and not on government propaganda.

When inBestgore published 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick as a journalistic asment, we saw the madness of Luka Rocco Magnotta, we saw what he did, without omission or lies. And the Canadian government to try to shut you up, Mark. But no, Bestgore survived for a long time: he showed what the consequences of the drug war in Mexico or that Daesh was still present in Syria, not dead.

Bestgore showed violent videos because they were the only ones that really showed the facts. Bestgore showed me what was going on around the globe that the media didn't comment on. Bestgore showed us the reality of current wars and conflicts. I say it again: thank you, Mark, you have served the cause of truth seeking and journalism for 12 years.

I'm a huge best gore fan and would periodically sit for hours scrolling through your website. My husband would laugh at my obsession with your website and murders. I can't imagine the work that went into your website but I certainly appreciate it. I loved the blood, the gore, the mess most of it. I say most as I refused to watch anything where animals were hurt, I have my limits. I just want to say thank you and if you ever set up anything like that again I will be there to view. I wanted to say thank you for your efforts with BG.

Your crafting it and maintaining it over the years had to involve many, many sleepless hours and headaches. I've been involved bestgore. com audio production and podcasts via the web; and I know how much work is involved in keeping a endeavor going. I believe you provided a valuable service to the public at large. Many times, when I thought I was having a crappy day, I'd mosey on over to BG and see how lucky I've been in my life so far! The Fates and Karma I am a devout believer of both can have very, very wry senses of humor.

More than anything, your site provided me a fresh perspective. I've always had a deep respect for life. And I realize that it is fragile; precious. Time and tide wait for no man, and the luck or lack thereof of the draw can affect us at any place and time. I've had several brushes with the Reaper myself. I've been around a bit as well, and when I say that you and I are largely on the same and wavelength, you can take that to the bank. While purchasing BG is too rich for my blood, just know that there are guys out there who are grateful for your efforts and originality.

If I hit the Lotto, maybe we can talk terms! Bestgore has been a big part of my childhood, I would spend hours obsessively seeking a thrill. I didn't realize the lesson I would learn. I've attempted suicide multiple times throughout my life - too many times. Whenever I felt suicidal, I would always end up back on bestgore. Your site made me see the true pain and the shock behind suicides, the pain they cause. A painless death is never a clean one.

You've stopped me many times from a selfish choice.

Bestgore. com

Bestgore made me think twice about ending up dead on a sidewalk. My dad died back in and it was such a struggle not to follow him to the grave. It is 6am in Canada and I am studying rather than thinking of a needlessly cruel suicide. Thus, not only have you prevented me me from a bloody act, but you have shielded my friends and family from unbearable pain. Thank you, Mark. I am sad to see bestgore go but I am excited for your future prospects. I understand you must be inundated with constant inquiries about what people like me can do now to find uncensored news now that best gore.

I am someone who religiously sought out your site since a very young man. I am 26 now and I've always looked to bestgore to show me truly, without filter, what's happening in the allies and plains of the middle eastern conflict zones, the violence in the favelas and the barrios, the Palestinian struggle, it was all for me to see un filtered - recorded mostly by camerca phones held by people there to witness bestgore. com atrocities in person. I'm a guy born in of China. I think I know what happened to you and what bestgore. com of situation you are in. The sky is new which is wholely different from the caterpillar's world so I feel unreal from time to time about this sky world now.

People need access to the real world, not this pussified SJW world we live in. Thank you for providing the site and the many years of dedication you spent on it. I hope that the day was a nice one for you and you have thousands more to go! I can't find any other website as great as yours. Even closed, it's still the best!!

Whenever I'm down best gore reminds me there is always someone somewhere going through worse I'm your biggest secret fan!!! I wish you had a Facebook or something we could follow you on to make sure you're ok.

Bestgore. com

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