Best place to farm ogre waystones

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The best place that I have discovered as of yet for farming Ogre Waystones has got to be the Ogre village under Bladespire Citadel. I have included a map with a route shown. Start at the top of the hill and follow the path down. You will want to fly or run back to the top to start over however, as the ones at the top will obviously respawn before the Ogres you have most recently killed at the bottom.

I also want to make a note of the cave entrance at the top of the hill. There are a bunch of Ogres in this cave as well. You could enter the cave, clear the large room at the entrance, make your way around the path to the left which circles around to the high area at the front of the main room.

Kill all of the Ogres around this path, and by the time you jump down into the main room again, the Ogres should already be starting to respawn. Classes like hunters who can move fast and attack at a distance will probably clear this before the respawn is really worth repeating for. Which is why the OPTIMAL route would be to start outside on the initial path, clear the cave one time, run out and continue down the hill outside as layed out earlier.

Then repeat the whole process again. I was able to rack up about stones in less than 20 minutes here. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter .

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Best place to farm ogre waystones

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