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Since Tumblr took the decision to ban NSFW content on its website at the end ofthere has been a gap in the world of micro-blogging sites for the niche and free content that it offered. Though some Tumblr users have yet to see access to their s revoked over their images and clips, we wanted to know what alternatives there were to this useful multimedia sharing platform.

In this guide, we take a look at some of the best Tumblr porn alternatives for adult content. A multimedia micro-blogging and social networking site launched inTumblr was always set to be a different kind of animal to that of Facebook, Twitter or LiveJournal.

It fostered a progressive community that allowed open and healthy exchanges and hosting for issues such as sexuality, identity and body image. In short, moderation on the site was very relaxed and welcomed opportunities for discussions that would have been taboo on other platforms. At the end ofTumblr made the decision to ban adult content from its network.

The move followed allegations made in the Fall of that the site was being used to distribute child pornography. The complaints were taken seriously and the Tumblr app was immediately removed from the iOS App Store. The company itself responded by making some changes to its terms and conditions and now has a blanket ban on all adult content.

The decision has meant that many micro-bloggers have found that access to their sites has been blocked and thousands of popular bookmarks no longer work at all. Whilst Best mature tumblr only wishes to prohibit access to porn, their stringent moderation algorithms have meant that blogs containing artistic erotica or images with any nudity including those depicting pre and post-operative transsexuals have been targeted.

As a result of the ban, visitor s to the site have fallen dramatically. What was once a sex-positive and open community has turned into a service where users are confused or wary about the new policy changes. So, where can you find NSFW content in a post Tumblocalypse world and where have all these visitors gone?

Either way, whether you are a NSFW content creator, curator or aficionado there should be a suitable new home for you below. For amateurs looking to monetise their own original adult content, see our guide to selling nudes and dirty pics here. However, you do get the best experience from Reddit by being a member of the community. It is a bit different in format to Tumblr but does offer a great alternative if you are looking for niche multimedia files. You can find some of the best adult subreddits in our recent feature.

Its getting some attention in the community of Tumblr refugees and uptake is good due to its social networking, forums and customizable features. It also offers a subscription-based service so you can hide content from non-paying visitors. Pillowfort is a new social blogging platform that is about as close to Tumblr as you can get when it comes to de best mature tumblr community features. Keys are sent out by invitation but once users log in using the access granted to them they can interact with a blog in the same ways as via Tumblr. This means that registering a new with Pillowfort depends on the capacity of the system.

They did stop taking any new users back in December following the immediate aftermath of Tumblocalypse. And, as far as NSFW restrictions go, there are very few restrictions so you should find a safe space to share your adult content here.

A micro-blogging site that is similar to Tumblr but with a content policy that is committed to free speech, digital freedom and gender equity, Swarmr best mature tumblr all about user driven content and information.

However, the site does lack the features of Tumblr and is far from being a suitable permanent home until it develops its service a lot more. Well worth a look into and may offer a way of finding other refugees. Fetlife is a social networking site deed for people with an interest in kinks, fetishes and BDSM. As a result, the de of the service is not really similar to Tumblr at all; in fact, it shares more of a resemblance to Facebook. However, it does offer another way to form and build communities and share content such a NSFW gifs, graphic stories and other media. Best mature tumblr an alternative to Tumblr but this site has been set up to help Tumblr users reconnect after the ban.

A brand-new social media platform that is deed specifically for people in the adult industry, Sharesome is more akin to Facebook than Tumblr. However, due to the community that the site is targeted at, it does mean that the space is safe for sharing NSFW content. You do need to be a verified user to access content but you can link your Twitter to do this. Though free to use it is monetized by way of its live cam service as well as money-making opportunities for members. You can find out more about Sharesome in our latest review of the service here.

A new generation of social networking that promises not to sell your private life, MeWe is taking the social media world by storm. Less of a direct replacement or alternative to Tumblr but offering great freedom of speech and privacy features, MeWe should certainly be one to look into for anyone who regularly posts and shares adult content. A great social media site with an extremely active community, Deviant Art has been knocking around since However, it is an art site that takes copyright very seriously. Not the best choice for anyone who used Tumblr for photos, blogging or sharing live action porn videos but certainly an option for those who enjoy Hentai and other cartoon, anime etc.

Newgrounds has also been around for some time, originally being launched in Like Deviant Art it focuses very much on cartoons, drawings, art and Hentai but is another site that is independent and has broad content policies. There is a free spreheet with the Twitter handles of over NSFW bloggers who you can contact to find out where they have moved their sites to.

Over and above those Tumblr users who have reached out to this project for help, Twitter itself has pretty liberal content policies and does offer a way to connect with communities. More like a Twitter alternative than a Tumblr one, Mastodon is an open-source, community owned platform for connecting with other users and sharing content.

With user figures already reaching 2. The best of these is the community that calls itself Humblr ; a specific group for kinky-minded people who can no longer use Tumblr. With about k users, this is one of the main communities that formed after the Tumblr ban kicked in.

The best part of Mastodon is that is completely ad-free and not monetized in any way. A tiny site so far with only around posts, TumblrX aims to fill some of the holes left by Tumblr with a simple service to share NSFW content. It is currently being housed on a permissive image board hosting site The Booru Project but will eventually migrate to a permanent home, www. This places the blog behind their content warning interstitial service. Blogger, like WordPress, offers a simple hosting service for publishers of adult content.

It offers some elements of community driven feedback and sharing that Tumblr allows but is not geared for social networking. Whilst the company currently allows adult content on its service, there is a fear that investing in the platform to create your blog site now will be pointless as Google will surely follow suit at some point soon in how it restricts adult material over its services. If you are an existing Tumblr user and you are looking for an easy way to transfer your site to another hosting platform then WordPress is certainly worth looking at.

Another service that has pretty liberal content policies, they even have a Tumblr import tool that makes the whole process easier. Looking for a new home best mature tumblr your adult content since Tumblr went family-friendly? The Best Tumblr Porn Alternatives.

Best mature tumblr

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