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Profile Gallery Scraps Favorites Journals. Profile Gallery Scraps Fav orite s Journals. Happily taken! Hey there!

I'm fek. If you'd like to follow along, come check out An th ro lo gy - subs and merch go straight to charity! Thank you guys so much.

I mean it. You have changed my life.

Special thanks to: theyellowpone. View Gallery. Brown Eyed Girl - by Kyander ed: 4 months ago. View Favorites. Tarrasque Druid by tatiilangefaved: a week ago. DustFox92 sent a Shiny to fek. F-R95 sent a Shiny to fek.

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Favorite Artists. Contact Information. Skype fek. Telegram fekfek. Steam fekfekfekfek. SoFurry fek. Twitter fekfekfekfek. Patreon fek. Hey there. You're still awesome as usual, and love your characters! Especially the Dragonborn and the Tabaxi! I uh, I hope you've been ok, recently seen a post on e stating they made a mod for rack 2, and alot of things that would improve the game in general and such, has Rack 2 hit a road block for you? Hey i saw your game and was wondering if your still working on it since i have not bed play fek an update in a while.

I was wondering how to use. Is there a way to figure that out? Just want to say have a nice day. You have a gorgeous gallery, I like your characters, let's chat? Would love to start supporting on Patreon again, once there's some active development! I love Rack 2 but my bank wont let Patreon charge my card, do you have any plans to make a SubscribeStar?

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Bed play fek

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