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However, a of the things I said in the original shutdown post do still stand. I have other projects which are becoming a conflict for my development time, and hosting the tracker is sadly not free. With that in mind:. RPThreadTracker is not shutting down! But it could really use your support in the following areas. I have a Patreon for my web app development now! If you can contribute, you will really add to the likelihood that I can keep supporting RPThreadTracker, and other applications, long-term.

Every bit of support definitely helps - and I have some perks offered in return! Definitely open to suggestions on other perks as well. TumblrClient I welcome anyone with development interest or experience to contribute to fixes or feature development on any of these bad rp tumblr. They are all furnished with documentation regarding how to set up a local development environment ReactJS for the frontend, C and SQL Server for the backend and should hopefully be accessible to new developers interested in getting involved. I will also be phasing out the contact form in the application in favor of redirecting users to log bug reports on GitHub as well to make it easier for contributors to address them as well as me.

I really did not expect the support and response that came out of my announcement, and I hope that I can keep counting on your support in the future. Please contact me with any questions or suggestions, and best of luck in your writing adventures! If you trust them to handle crossovers with their canon muses, you should trust their ability to handle their original characters in whatever universes they choose to write them in. These original characters are unique, and should be as welcome in their universes as any canon character.

They are no different than those characters that only show up briefly yet you fell in love with them despite their limited screen time. They are there to expand their universes beyond the main cast. You follow them and they follow you. However, things can get hairy when doing rp stuff on sideblogs. UuU b. I would go so far to say, it is impossible to be a good roleplayer without understanding what intentional roleplaying is. This is critical for respecting the boundaries of others since a lot of admins are uncomfortable with rping certain topics.

TLDR : You really need to hold your muse able for their actions. Hmmm, well I think it really depends on what your rping, where you want it to go, and where you want to improve. Then you can make your plot points and go from there. They stay consistent. One of the big ingredients to great stories and sometimes really bad rp experiences. In-Character conflicts can be a lot of fun to engage in but they can also be a hot bed for god-modding, power plays, misunderstandings, and hurt feelings. This is often caused by miscommunications and boundary crossing in bad rp tumblr, which le to hurt feelings and bad responses from both rp partners and portions of the rp community at large.

So to help prevent bad conflict situations and make a smoother rp experience for both you and your partners, here are some pro tips. Yes, it can be scary IMing someone about things but you need to make sure your partner is okay with what you have in mind.

After IMing your partner and confirming that they are up for doing the RP conflict, plot it out. Decide how it ends, who will be hurt, and what will happen. Conflict: Bonely faces off with Lancelot. Thread plot point ideas:. All of these are interchangeable and editable, giving freedom to the rpers to because the end point is always the same, helping unify and smooth their rp experience.

What skills or cool moves you want to show off, what effects you want to happen to your characters, pretty much what you want out of the fight. As you do this though, be sure not to make your character invulnerable or unhittable unless something to counter it is already plotted between you and your partner. Because being in a fight where one party always hits or misses is not fun and is a very susceptible to becoming a point of bad rp tumblr and ruining the experience for everyone. Write down the effects of if it hitnot when it hit. That way your partner can decide if their character is hit or dodges the move.

This helps the other rper know what would happen if it hit without their character being bad rp tumblr. Example: Lancelot blew a lock of his hair out of his face and raised the crossbow. With a squinted eye, the knight pulled the trigger and let loose the bolt. Whether for plot bunnies or letting them know something is wrong and might need changing, keep in contact with your partner.

Doing this will help you and your partner tie up loose ends, smooth out plot points, and keep the conflict rp running smoothly for both you and your rp partners. By following these tips, I hope you will have less fear and uncertainty with conflict rps, and that you and your partners will have an amazing experience exploring this side of the RPC! As it is in the life of every rper, we make mistakes. We break rules, misunderstand prompts, misunderstand answers, and maybe even take certain things personally that were only meant to be rp only.

All of these can cause bad vibes, hurt feelings, and deep misunderstandings and misgivings between rpers and partners. Thus it is imperative that these events, actions, and choices be recognized by those involved—especially the one who made the mistake—and that those involved take the next step: apologize. It is indescribable the kind of healing and communication this opens up to rp partners. Admitting you made a mistake and then apologizing for it is an important step in being able and taking responsibility for yourself.

Reconciliation is what will then help give both you and your mutuals a good basis on which to deal with and solve conflicts between you in the future. However, if you do make a mistake or not-so-great decision, know that you will feel bad about it either now or later. These bad feelings, if not dealt with properly, can fester and become anger and resentment toward yourself and your partner, leading to bad things. Be aware of them and how they affect you and your partner sbut also realize that you are not responsible for their feelings, only your part in what happened. Just give it and wish them the best.

If you are the one who was hurt, let your partner know but try to be tactful. Get some space between you and the event, pinpoint what it was that hurt or upset you and how, and then bring it up privately with the other mun. If they did, well, time to block and unfollow. Be open to their side of the story and the apologies they make, as this process is a 2 way street.

Once the conversation is started, then you can start working through the problem with your partner and receive both closure and reconciliation between you, building deeper friendships and a stronger foundation between you in the future.

Posts How can we help you? What helped you as an Rper? Hello, everyone of the Tumblr RP community! With that in mind: RPThreadTracker is not shutting down! Patreon Support I have a Patreon for my web app development now! Again, Thank You I really did not expect the support and response that came out of my announcement, and I hope that I can keep counting on your support in the future. If you love their canon muses, you bad rp tumblr likely love their original characters too!

Give these characters an honest and fair chance. They might just surprise you. UuU b — Mod IE. You constantly need to hold your muse able. And besides, there always comes a day when everyone gets the consequences of their actions. You must let your muse have that. This is a space for everyone. Talk about the consequences. This is important. Plot the conflict out.

Bad rp tumblr

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