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I took Kirsten out today to take some pictures! She truly is a lovely doll, and I'm very happy to have her. She really can't balance in her boots, though! The recent ruling by the International Swim Federation entity that sets standards used in the Olympics needs to get changed to allow African-American swimming athletes to wear a swim cap specifically deed to care for their hair if they choose to.

The athletes that are set to compete in the Olympics literally have the world's most amazing bodies and they have been training hard since childhood in most cases. The valid point of setting regulations is to make things fair, so no competitors have an advantage.

Wearing a bigger swim cap does not cause any competitive advantage, so it should be allowed; this should be open and closed. More broadly, athletes are people first and should not be subject to restrictions for the Olympics that aren't specifically related to competitive advantage.

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Anonymous asked: What time periods do you hope there will eventually be dolls for? Athletes should be able to wear swim caps that are big enough and shaped to protect their hair. The International Swimming Federation said it would reconsider its decision barring the cap from being used in competition, following critic.

American girl dolls tumblr

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