Adventures of tara walkthrough

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First Prev 10 of 38 Go to. Deleted member Guest Guest. Andy said:. I'm not, but here's an edited map which doesn't require anything to view the scenes. You need to extract the game files first. Reactions: swordnoobkitkaBellyk Franck and 1 other person.

RichterQ87 Member Donor. Dec 4, Still no complete save games? Jaime Lannister Active Member. Apr 23, Unable to find VL Gothic Font - please help. Aug 6, 7, 37, Ciri Thug said:. Reactions: Krull. Grey88 Member. Jul 19, RNGname Newbie. May 5, 23 Grey88 said:. Reactions: Grey Thank you for the link, hope that is all I need to run the game. Anyone has the same issue with Day 14 at Tara's Room at night when pleasuring Sinius?

The game just stuck in that loop and won't. UncleVT Yours is mine and mine too Moderator. Jul 2, 9, 69, Webbless New Member.

May 31, 9 4. UncleVT said:. Yes it's a bug. Don't choose handjob. Webbless said:. I cant choose Blowjob on day I can only pleasure by hand, and it gets stuck in the loop. Sorry, you're right. I think you must past the scene with an older version of the game see OP.

Reactions: UncleVT. Greengoblinhobgoblin Member.

May 30, Greengoblinhobgoblin said:. I have a solution to the problem. On day 14 go talk to Bridget and she will do it with Sinius. Day 15 choose blowjob and on day 16 go and talk to Kia and she will help you. Handjob is a loop bug, avoid it. Apr 22, I tried talking to Bridget but nothing would lead me to "she will do it with Sinius".

I can't see any option like that. I tried restarting the day several times as well. May 25, Anyone who has the bonus image can share the bonus? May 5, 1, Anyone who've stumbled upon a walk-through for the game by any chance?! I don't know if I missing scenes by being a goody two shoes and maintain all lessons and homework given by the "Magic Teachers". Log in or register now. Reactions: met4lsp4wn.

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Adventures of tara walkthrough

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Adventures Of Tara [Finished] - Version: Final