Adventures of link cheats

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Quick End At any time in the game press Start on Controller 1.

Use this if you are stuck in a screen with no way out, and no way to lose a life. You can use this code to save your game so you don't lose the items you have picked upand start over from the starting screen. The Final Guardian When fighting your shadow, move to the left side of the screen and press B repeatedly.

Your shadow may hit you once or twice, but you should land many more strikes during that time. Sword Skills To discover the art of the upward attack, go to Darunia and use the Jump spell to leap up to the house with a chimney. Drop down this and go right to find a knowledgeable warrior. The downward attack is found in Mido. Use the Jump spell to reach the open door at the top of the church, and go through to find a teacher.

Save without dying To save without dying, try the cheat below.

Press start on Controller one and on controller two press: Up and Start If entered correctly a save screen will pop up. You have the choice to either Save or Continue. Float Through Doors To pass through locked doors without a key, simply turn yourself into a fairy with the Fairy spell and float on through.

Easy Experience Follow the steps below: 1. Save the game after completing the game once.

Use this character to complete a castle. Save the game and immediately begin game play with a new character.

The new character's experience points will rapidly increase after starting. Did you find this cheat useful? Game Cheats Codes Database. Browse Cheat Codes by Game Title.

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Adventures of link cheats

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