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What a piece of work is Mavis Gary.

Mavis is the eternal, unrepentant mean girl and one of those people incapable of self-editing. Mavis is not that stupid, but she is heedless.

Our better angels are gasping in horror or wincing in embarrassment while she says the most awful things, but our inner meanies are savouring remarks some of us might think but few of us would ever dare to utter. Charlize Theron, in possibly her best performance yet, does a remarkable job with this potentially odious, decidedly delusional woman.

We first see Mavis sprawled prostrate on the morning after the night before, flat out where she obviously fell down drunk. And then her delivers a new-baby announcement that energises her with purpose. She will rescue the old love of her life an endearingly innocent, easygoing Patrick Wilson from the domesticity into which he has contentedly settled.

The entire ensemble is spot-on, from the women who knew Mavis in her horrid high-school heyday to her uneasy parents. Comedian Patton Oswalt delivers a breakout turn as the classmate Mavis never noticed, a sardonic, scarred soul beaten and left permanently disabled by the kind of boys Mavis hung out with and the only one to whom she can turn now for his garage-brewed bourbon more than his pointed insights.

Then there are the moments she spares to work on her trashy teen opus, nonchalantly eavesdropping on gabbing girls in fast food ts for on-point titbits. At a safe remove. Movies 06 05 Movies 07 03 Movies 08 02 Movies 11 01 Movies 04 04 Movies 24 11 Messed-up Mavis Gary Therondivorced, alcoholic author of adolescent fiction, he for her home town hellbent on reclaiming ex-boyfriend Buddy Wilson from his inconvenient wife and newborn baby. Mavis' reputation as the beautiful mean girl at high school endures as she follows her self-absorbed path of destruction.

Release Date: 03 Feb Running Time: 93 minutes. Certificate: Smart, adult film empire, sickeningly funny and supremely well judged in the writing, direction and acting. Related Articles. Charlize Theron Talks Young Adult.

Adult film empire

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