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Install Guide. This version is far superior to the old versions. So I suggest you use it. If you must though, the old install guide for version 1. If you have questions not answered on thistry the FAQ first. To start, there are two ways to install Remako. The first is through the 7th Heaven catalog. This is the easiest way and gives the greatest compatibility with other mods on 7th Heaven, so it really is the recommend way.

The second is the harder manual install. This is there if you really must do it that way. In Remako update 2. Until that is done and people want to play 1.

You can download it here. For installation and setup of 7th Heaven, this video tutorial should explain everything you need. Enable catalog. Now it's time that the Remako parts are loaded. Double-click on World Textures. Select the option labeled CaptRobau here and click Save. Repeat the same for same for Battle and Field Textures. As mentioned above, this is not the recommended way to get Remako to run on 7th Heaven 2. Use this method at your own risk.

Square Enix Store Version You will lose achievements, cloud saves and the trainer after the modding process. If you already have the Steam version of Final Fantasy 7 installed in 7th heaven game a Program Files, Program Files x86 or Users folder, you will have to move it. 7th heaven game this Steam migration guide for a step-by-step process. Step 2: Install 7th Heaven Now it's time to download and install 7th Heaven 2. The way that the FMVs in Remako have been generated requires you to overwrite a file. Download the yuv. Take the file that you downloaded and put it in the shaders folder of your FF7 installation.

Overwrite when asked. The path of the shaders folder probably looks something like this:. Now that you have 7th Heaven set up, you can install Remako. If you have not downloaded it yet, here is the download. Once you have it downloaded, extract the zip files and place the. The path of the mods folder probably looks something 7th heaven game this:. If you do not want the updated FMVs in Remako, you can skip this step.

Unpack the separate FMVs download or the Complete Download zip file, depending on which you downloaded. Drag the movies folder to the data folder in your FF7 installation. Once you've placed the. Make sure every Remako mod entry is set to Active One. Now you have Remako installed and ready to play. Go to the Active Mods and click on Launch Game.

If this does not work, you might need to Import the IRO files. Questions If, after this, you still have questions about setting up FF7 for modding you can:. Comment below. I can't guarantee I can answer every question, as I did not make the tools used in this guide. But questions regarding Remako I can answer. Read the official 7th Heaven for more info. Look for your answer regarding 7th Heaven on the 7th Heaven Qhimm forums.

Breath of Fire said…. January 29, at AM. Unknown said…. January 30, at AM. I've run into the same issue. January 30, at PM. Jordan said…. Pretty sure it will, since you have to run FF7 game converted and install the 7th Heaven mod manager. Someone, please correct me if I'm wrong. January 31, at AM. Anonymous said…. I followed all the steps. Fire up the game- it goes black after the squaresoft logo then crashes and says something 'very bad' happened.

If I press any button, it fades out either the eidos or squaresoft graphics and just goes to black and crashes. Yes you must copy then drag and drop your save files that you want to use from where they are currently and place them in the saves folder created by the 7th heaven launcher. Joao Carlos said…. Nowcry said…. January 31, at PM. Steven said…. I disabled that and everything is running just fine for me. February 1, at PM. There's a step missing from both this list and the 7th Heaven guide that was necessary to get texture mods to work. The Remako mod appeared to work without this, but all of the other texture mods, while active, failed to actually load new textures without this set.

Slim-X said…. February 2, at PM. I also have the same issue. So far unable to resolve.

February 7, at AM. When clicking Launch Game, I get a box titled "Error starting FF7" Inside the box is a huge string of text that I cannot copy and paste, and unfortunately I cannot past a screenshot in here either I really hope I get a response for this, lol. Code: 5 at EasyHook. I hope I typed all of that correctly. For the path at the end, there is no such path on my PC, that's referring to a path that doesn't exist if that even matters.

Please help?

I can't even get it to work. It just plays through the Eidos and SquareSoft screens then jumps straight to credits and crashes if I do anything. February 8, at AM. Yeah, you're getting further than I am at least.

I wish it could just be a simple download, overwrite some files, and launch the game. I don't understand why we have to have all of this extra crap. DarkLinkMS said…. February 9, at PM. February 10, at AM. February 12, at PM. I am getting the same thing, I cant make it past the opening credits without getting the "Very Bad" message.

February 13, at AM. February 13, at PM. Koma said…. Hello Unknown been having the same problem for 2 days. Not sure ive 7th heaven game it in many different positions in the load list. February 14, at AM. I am playing on a laptop and i am unable to open the OpenGL driver menu to configure it The game opens and plays normal without any mods and its cracked. February 15, at AM.

Hey, I understand to install this I have to move folders around which will cost me my saves and 7th heaven game achievements, when all this is done and I have the mods I want setup, will I be able to play through the game and earn Steam achievements again as normal? Sorry if this is answered already.

February 16, at AM. Daniel said…. I am getting the same "very bad" issue everyone else is having. Game works fine when I run it normally, but I can't open it through 7th Heaven with the mod. February 16, at PM. Right click the 7thheaven and set and set the compatibility to run as as administrator. Then find the FF7 exe you are using eg. Don't worry the opengl plugin will override this anyway. Next go back into 7thheaven and try launching the game. February 17, at AM. Lelithe said…. Well that was a massive waste of time. Followed your instructions and attempted multiple fixes from the comments with no luck.

Still get Oops! Error after credits. I was looking to this.

Ah well. CaptRobau said….

7th heaven game

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